Sunday, April 1, 2007

Meet the Robinson's/collections

Chris took Jack to a train show this morning with his brother and his little boy so Macy and I had a nice girl time out. Look at that, 2 girl times for me this weekend!

Macy and I had lunch at NY Bagelry and then went to see Meet the Robinson's. It was a really good movie, some of it was a little confusing for kids, but once I explained, she got it!

We have a Disney Rewards card and got a flyer in the mail this week, go see MTR, take a quiz, be one of the first 500 and get a free MTR soundtrack. Surely I thought I'd be past the first 500, but I wasn't! I got all 8 questions right and will have the soundtrack in about 3-5 weeks - BONUS! Macy will like that. Can you believe that they don't play that Jonas Brothers song that is on Disney Channel all the time, in the movie? She was asking why they didn't play it!

Blog challenge #10: Tell us about something you collect

Well, I don't really collect anything! I am not into "knick knacks". The only things I collect would be scrap supplies and dustbunnies under our bed!


Kimberly said...

you're never boring rachael!! lol... i almost put scrapping supplies too! but then remembered the ornaments from vacations. LOVE LOVE LOVE your banner!!!!!!! wowza!!!

Corinna said...

I wouln't consider you boring either!!!!
I would have totally put scrapping supplies!

Shandy said...

well.. I third the scrapping supplies.. but then thought that would have been a "given" - LOL

love the dust bunnies - LOL

Stacy Cartwright said...

I also have some dust bunnies would you like the for your collection? LOL!!!