Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rachael needs . . .

Lisa's blog challenge today is to google our names plus the word "needs" then post 10 of the results!

Most of my results pertain to Rachael Ray!

1. Rachael needs to learn to accept things even if she doesn't like them. Hmmmmm

2. Rachael needs to get a life and there is nothing funny about her, she is just simply annoying and too loud. Gosh, I hope people don't feel that way about me!

3. Rachael needs to limit her coffee intake. This could be true!

4. Rachael needs to eat a little less of what she cooks. I suppose this could also be true!

5. Rachael needs to offer Martha an EVOO enima. Now that is funny!!

6. Rachael needs a boob job. Umm, SO untrue, quite the reverse is true!

7. Rachael needs a late night dessert snack. Now that would be yummy!

8. Rachael needs a new hair stylist. Well, I haven't liked my last several cuts.

9. Rachael needs some management that it doesn't sound like she is getting! Umm, okay.

10. Rachael needs to tell you that there is this really annoying kid on her bus and his name is John (she doesn't know his last name. I haven't been on a bus in a LONG time!


Lisa said...

ROFLMBO at the boob job reference!

No boob job for you, no braces for me!

Shandy said...


Stacy Cartwright said...

Love this!! This was so much fun!

Patrice~ said...

What a riot 'you' are, Rachael!!

Christy said...

Well don't take any of those personally -- but they are a hoot!!

Trish said...

too funny!

Kimberly said...

can i have some of your late night dessert snack?

Brenda b. said...

LOL! Love this challenge, Rachael!

Lynn said...

So when you giving Martha that EVOO enema, Rachael? Huh???

Too funny... don't know how I missed this before. Sorry I'm just reading it now!

Rachael Chambers said...

Hey! I just had to let you know I was doing a search to post the exact same note and your blog was the second result. I thought that was funny. :)