Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful weekend!

What a gorgeous weekend!! It was in the high 70's and even got up to 80 today! Wonderful for lots of outdoor playing and weeding! We bought a new grill and cooked out both days! YUM!!

My magnolia tree is blooming, it smells so wonderful. The smell fills up the entire block! It looks beautiful!

Macy had 2 birthday parties yesterday! Chris and Jack hung out, took a bike ride and went for some ice cream while the girls were partying!

Today, Chris went and bought wood to make the kids a new sandbox. They had a sand and water table, but it was such a pain to get hooked together and it was really small, so we got rid of that this week. He built them a 4 ft x 4 ft pit! It took 600 lbs of sand! They played in it for hours!!

Another cool thing, we got new neighbors behind us. The people that lived there before them had 3 kids and had a big playset for them. They didn't take it with them when they moved, so the new neighbor came over this afternoon and asked Chris if we would want it for the kids! All we have to do is take it apart and move it over to our yard! So, we're going to round up some friends and have a playset moving party soon! Very exciting! We have been wanting one for the kids but didn't know how long we would stay here, so we held off buying one! Good thing! :)


shelly b said...

I love the smell of magnolias! And lucky deal on the swingset!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, good luch with the playset we are getting rid of our old one soon. Lots of work.


scrapcat said...

that sandbox looks great! how fun!
and what a score on the play set. looks like your kids are set!

Trish said...

Love the pictures! We may have to come up for a playdate in the new sand box!

Renee said...

Great pics. How cool to get a playset.

Kristi said...

Love that Magnolia tree. Cute photos. I hate sand!=) Lucky you on the play set!