Thursday, April 5, 2007

So very proud!

This sweet little guy here counted to 10 this morning! Last week, he counted to 8. He is speech delayed, so it makes it extra special for us! He has a 25% speech deficit, which finally qualified him for free speech therapy through our county! We were denied therapy through our insurance company. Last Friday he met his speech therapist, also named Jack, and will get therapy in our home once a week. Looks like Fridays will be the day!

I'm amazed how much he's improved this past week. He is really, really imitating now! Finally putting 2 words together! I just love to hear his little voice and not the grunting that his speech used to consist of!

He calls himself a big boy and that is definately what he is! So proud of him! Also proud of Macy for trying to help him to talk as well. She may be moody and very high maintenance, but she does try to help her brother out, when she's not beating up on him! LOL She was an early talker, speaking in complete sentences at 18 months of age. In fact, she was always ahead on all her milestones, so it has been hard not to compare Jack to her!


Shandy said...

how sweet that macy helps out!
so happy to hear he's getting some therapy! Seth (my second DS) started speech therapy at age 3... he just tested out of it this year (he's 8.5 now)... it helps soooo much! You'll be so amazed!

Anonymous said...

My son also needed speech, you will be amazed by how much it helps! Keep plugging along!


Trish said...

I am so happy Jack is doing better since he therapy has started. I am also proud of Macy for helping him out! Matt was say Jack was putting 2 workds together when they went to the train show. GO JACK!