Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crazy Kids and a request

Not much has been going on around here.

The kids are as crazy as ever! Here is what they did with their happy meal boxes over the weekend! Never realized that the little handles looked like glasses!

They're so silly!!

Now onto something more serious. My friend Katie could use any prayers that you can spare. Her dad is in very critical condition. He took a 20 foot fall from a ladder several days ago and shattered his skull. Things are not looking very good right now.

Katie is such a sweet person, I met her about 2 years ago at a class. She has a great little online scrapbook store.

If you are of the praying kind, please say prayers for her dad, her and her family. I know they will be very grateful. We all know how strong the power of prayer is!

You can read all the details on her blog. Here's the link again!

Thank you!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

We got some snow!

It finally snowed here! Macy didn't have school.

We didn't get much, maybe 3 inches and I think that is pushing it! Nonetheless, the kids had a wonderful time out there!

Not too much exciting planned for the weekend. I did a bunch of cleaning this morning. Boy did it need it! I've had so much mojo this last week, that I really, really let the housework slide!! Gotta use it when it's here, right?

I don't have any new layouts to show today, but hopefully soon!!

I have to go back to that letter verification thingy on here when you post. I've been getting some spam comments. Sorry!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A college student lives here!

Big things going on here in our household!

Chris officially started his masters program yesterday! He is taking online classes to get his Master of Science in Disaster Medicine and Management! What's that you ask? It is FEMA related things. It is right up his alley!! I am so proud of him! He has been talking about this for at least a year and a half and now it is reality! I'm sure it can't be easy going back to college after being out since 1996! I can't imagine going back! I know he will do great though! He is determined and this is perfect for him!

We had a nice day yesterday. I picked up my friend Andrea and her 2 girls and we headed to an indoor playland McD's! We met up with another friend and her 2 boys and everyone had a blast!! The seemed to run off a lot of the steam that they've been accumulating this winter! Macy and Jack hit their beds hard last night!

We, of course, stopped at the LSS on the way back. Umm, yeah, the whole trip was definately for the kids! Yeah, we didn't plan the McD's around the LSS or anything! *wink*
Here are some pics of the kids outside the store!

Believe it or not, my mojo is still kicking! Here's a new layout I did yesterday with pictures from the above kid shoot!!

I also got a great email today! Simple Scrapbooks wants to publish one of my layouts in their July/August issue! I'm super excited! It will be my first time in their magazine and I just love the layout they picked!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's still flowing!!

Can you say 4 layouts in 2 days? Whoa!! Unfortunately, most are for assignments so I can't post them yet!

I'll leave you with 2 that I did featuring lots of the new Making Memories (and some older) goodness!! I just can't get enough of it!!

Sorry for the lousy picture, I took it at night in not the greatest of lighting! These are some pics from this past summer at Rehoboth Beach, DE. We enjoy going to the Seashore State Park.

This one is of 2 of my friends. They have such a wonderful friendship, it really makes you smile! A blog entry that Sarah wrote last month really touched me, so I snagged most of it and the picture and scrapped it!! Thanks Sarah and Colleen for the inspiration!

We're on a 4 day weekend here and have been taking full advantage of it! We didn't get up until after 11am today!! Boy does that ever feel good! Tomorrow the kids and I are going to lunch with a bunch of friends. We're going to a McD's with an indoor playland and then we're hitting memory lane, pa afterwards!! Can't wait!!

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mojo finally strikes!!

I tried to post two times yesterday and Blogger kept eating them!!! Let's see how this goes!!

The mojo fairy finally decided to stop at my house!! It's been SO long and boy was it fun!! I did 5 layouts in 3 days!! That is almost unheard of!!!

Here are 3 of them!

Taught my sheer album class at mlpa today. I had a great little group of ladies!! Everything went so smooth!

Just finished up working on my next installment of Technique Toolbox - Grungeboard! That stuff is so fun to work with!! Lots of possibilities!!

In other news, we found a used car for Chris to use on his long commute days. During his rotations that are an hour plus away, we'd spend $75 to $100 a week on gas for the truck!! That's $300-400 a month just for gas!! So, we decided it was time to find a "beater". It's not so much a beater though. We got a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2, silver in color. It feels really strange driving a car! I haven't driven one in over 3 years!! It runs well and looks nice too, just hope it stays that way, I get a little nervous about used cars!! I haven't bought one since I was 16!

Yesterday was also our 14 year anniversary!! Wow!! We started dating on February 8, 1994! That's a long time!! So worth it though, he's totally completed my life in those 14 years!! We'll celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary on May 8th.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!! It'll be filled with good 'ol family time here!! Can't get much better than that!!

Thanks for reading!! :D