Saturday, September 29, 2007

1st leaf pile of the season!!

Yesterday we raked up our first leaf pile!! It was pretty small, but still a ton of fun for the kids!! Our yard manages to collect leaves from everyone on our street! In a few days, the pile will probably grow to about 10 times the size it was yesterday! Right now it is mostly leaves from our magnolia tree, they don't get real pretty like the oaks that line the street.

Can you guess what prompted this reaction?

They both wanted to rake at the same time, Macy won the rake getting contest and Jack was not happy! Needless to say, neither of them raked! LOL

The last pic will hopefully be the subject of my scrapping tonight!!

Hey, if you have a minute, go check out the ILove2Create blog. Melynda uploaded some of the DT projects for the October kit!! The latest post contains some of my projects with Friendly Plastic!!

Have a great weekend!! I'll try and share pics from my cousin's wedding tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I guess it's time for an update!!

Almost a week has flown by since my last post!! I am really getting bad about updating!!

Nothing too exciting this week. I am working on organizing the toys and getting Jack's room painted. I was on a roll yesterday until I ran out of paint! I also managed to bust the handle right off of the roller! Have I ever said how much I dislike painting?

Jack did good at school on Tuesday! He said they had ice cream for snack, yum!!! I guess I'd love school if I could have ice cream for snack! Today should be a good day for him too! He has speech therapy this morning as well. Last week we started working on his "f"s. He usually uses p's for f's. Tricky sound!

Macy is doing good at school too! She is just about done with all of her upper and lower case recognition. It's funny, she knows them but still will not write her name correctly. She still uses all capitals even after having to do tracer pages for homework since the beginning of the school year! I tell her every morning on the way to school to make sure she writes it the proper way. She just grumbles!

Not too many plans for this weekend. My cousin is getting remarried on Saturday, so we have that. Chris has to work the majority of the weekend. We may try and do something Sunday afternoon as long as the weather permits. I think it's supposed to get back to fall like temps again. I've had enough of this almost 90 degree weather in the fall!

Haven't had much mojo lately. Hoping it comes back soon! I got the October ILove2Create kit yesterday. It is so pretty, filled with American Crafts goodness and a neat technique! I have to work on that tonight!

Here are 2 layouts that I did this week. Can you believe I did both of them in the same day? One while Jack was at preschool and the other after they went to bed!!

Have a great weekend!! Any fun plans?

Friday, September 21, 2007

More new layouts

I don't really have much to report but I need to update so here are 2 new layouts!

The first I did for a challenge at ScrapGal and the second I just finished up tonight! I've had the design in my head for about a week and finally got it down on paper! The entire background is actually white, but my scanner does not care for white! The right side is also not snipped off like that!


Have a great weekend!! Not a whole lot planned here, it is going to be hot again! I was hoping we could do some fall related activities but that just doesn't seem right when the temp will be in the high 80's!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And the saga continues . . .

Ahhh, the joy of homeownership!! Are you sick of hearing about my house tales? If so, just scroll down a few paragraphs! LOL

So, we need to get some new piping in our master bath. Our bathtub drain is emptying SO slow and it seems as if the little drain mechanism thingy is stuck in the shut position and the plumber can't get it open. So, we need it replaced, that is not exactly easy with a 50 something year old house! The access panel is small and the piping is very tight with no room to actually get the small old piece out! So, that means he needs to go through our kitchen ceiling to get to it! We're also having him check to see if there is a leak in there, I have this kinda wierd sense that there is one. He's supposed to come do that today, so here I sit waiting! UGH!!! I'm good with it though! It needs to be done and what a better time to do it than right before remodeling the kitchen!! I'd be so ticked if we put a ton of money into the kitchen and then it happened!! Eek!!

We also got measured for the new kitchen windows last night, just waiting back for the full estimate on cabinets, countertop and floors to know if we can replace all the windows in the house!

It really is exciting though!! I just wish I could fastforward a few months to the completed project!!

Okay, enough of that!!

I've got some scrapping to do but have been feeling mojo-less. I think I may try to find a cool ad for inspiration and try to jumpstart myself!!

Jack has school today, I'm thinking it will go well at dropoff! Keeping my fingers crossed though!!

I also just want to put a plug out there for 1-800-contacts!! They are so good and inexpensive!! This will be our second year ordering from them and they couldn't be nicer!! They are on the ball, you can place an order and they'll call you within 5 minutes if something is wrong! There was a problem with Chris's prescription being expired, they called to let us know. I emailed them about 10 minutes ago to tell them to process my order without his, and they called me about 3 minutes later just to confirm!! Gotta love that!! So, if you wear contacts, check 'em out!!

I'll leave you with the 2 layouts I did for the ScrapGal September newsletter. The theme is change.

Have a great day!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm becoming a bad blogger!!

Gosh, I haven't updated all week!! I am nearing my 100th post too!!

Just been busy!! Trying to prepare for the kitchen remodel. The guy came and measured and we talked about plans on Wednesday. Now we wait, sweating, for the estimate, hoping it is not way out of the ballpark!! No matter how hard I try, I always manage to pick out the most expensive stuff! Never fails!!

Our community carnival is going on now too. They moved the location so it is now just 2 blocks away!! We went for the kick off night last night and will go on Saturday as well.

My fabulous LSS, memory lane, pa is having a yard sale this weekend, so I've been busy getting ready for that too. I finally finished pricing my stuff!! I cringe at the thought of how much I really paid for all of it!! Just hoping I make out good!!

I haven't done any scrapping since Saturday night but will this weekend. ILove2Create is having a girl's crafting weekend with lots of fun challenges and prizes!! If you aren't doing anything, check it out, it all starts tomorrow (Friday) night at 6pm. The big Survivor game starts soon too. I posted about it a few posts down if you want to check it out!

I will catch up on all my blog hopping this weekend!! I really miss it!! It's fun going to a blog your normally visit and clicking on their comments and just keep going and going!! Never know how I got to where I ended up!

I'm beat!! Going to hit the hay early! Here are a few more layouts that I did during the ScrapGal page a day challenge!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday pictures and some new layouts!!

We had a great time yesterday at Knoebel's! We didn't tell the kids where we were going, Macy finally figured it out when she saw the rides! LOL

Here are some pics of Jack on his birthday, with some of his presents and then some Knoebel's pics following them.

They went on the big Whip this year!

And, here are a few more PAD layouts!

As always, thanks for reading!! Have a great week!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Jack!!

So, my baby boy is 3 years old today!! He's growing so fast!! Three years ago at this time, I was so sick!! I have such a horrible reaction to the spinals (c-sections both times). Even though I had him before 11am, I was so sick until about 2am the following morning! I couldn't even hold him, I was so sick! Chris had to feed him for me and took care of him. So glad I won't ever go through that again! LOL

He got a new Radio Flyer Big Flyer bike plus a set of ViewMaster binoculars and some little John Deere cars. Tomorrow we are going to surprise both kids and go to Knoebel's. It's a great family amusement park. We always enjoy going there at least once a year. I'll post pics of him with his new toys and from Knoebel's tomorrow!

I've been so busy scrapping!! Since we started the Page A Day challenge over at ScrapGal" all I have wanted to do is scrap!! It feels good!! In fact, I have finished my page a day early! I just completed my 7th layout in just 6 days!! Love it!! Feels good to be so creative!! Of course, some of the house stuff has been put off, like taking the baby border down in Jack's room so I can finish painting! But, hey, if the creativity is there, you have to take advantage, right?

So, Jack's second day of school was better. He still clinged when I went to leave and he cried. When I went back to pick him up, his teacher said he only cried for 10 minutes, so we are getting there!! Maybe after this week things will be better. He still looks so little sitting at those desks! LOL

Chris and I went to the cabinet maker today and picked out cabinets!! He will be coming on Wednesday evening to take a look and take some measurements!! This is so exciting!!

I won't ramble anymore!! I'll leave you with a few of my PAD layouts! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My baby boy went to school!!!

I cannot believe that my little almost 3 year old baby went to preschool today!!! Look at how big and how cute he is!!! He asked me just about every minute this morning if it was time for him to go!! When the time finally came, he was so excited - until Mommy was trying to leave the classroom!!

He started to cling, I couldn't get him to play with any of the other kids that were there or do any puzzles. There were also 2 kids screaming at that time! I let the teachers take over and left the room and hid in the kitchen. After about 15 minutes and lots of consoling, he started to calm down. I then left and went and had a frappuccino (Pumpkin Pie Spice - yum!) and browsed around at Barnes and Noble!! What a wierd feeling with no kids!!

I went to pick him up and peeked in the door and he was sitting at the table closest to the door, with his backpack on, just sitting so nicely!! When they opened the door to start dismissing, he soon saw me and ran out to me before he was called! His teacher said they had a great day and reminded him to wait until he's called next time!

On the way to get Macy he said "I had a great time" about 20 times!! So cute!! All tonight he was telling me and Chris that next time he "isn't going to cry". :) Awwwww!!! What a guy!!!

Here's a layout I did tonight for the page a day challenge at ScrapGal.

I found an ad for Walmart that had this arrow right in the middle of the page, so that was my inspiration!! I needed it, I've been in a slump!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Busy Weekend!!!

This weekend has been full of home improvement projects - I love it!! Nothing like a good 'ol trip to Lowe's or Home Depot for fresh paint, lumber and cleaning supplies!!

Chris starting working on Man World! He is building suspension train platforms in our garage. He will be moving all of his train and radio stuff out there!! Do you know what that means? I will finally have my whole scraproom back again!!! Yippeee!!! It's been probably a year and a half since I've had the room to myself!! As you can bet, I am glady helping him build and move his stuff! I'm starting to plan what I can do with that side of the room. It will include more storage, can never have too much of that. I'll probably put a little tool area over there with my Sizzix and Cricut Expression. A kid craft area is also going over there. I'll move Macy's IKEA table out of her room and into there. It will probably be another month or so until it is all out of there, but I can't wait!!

I painted our porch posts and front door to match our new siding. The put it on the front of the house today and will finish off the rest tomorrow!! It looks so nice and is putting our 1950's windows to shame!! After we get our kitchen estimate, we will be calling our guys for the new windows too!! Can't wait until it is all finished!! It looks so nice! It'll be like a brand new house again!

I painted the trim that will frame the new window in Jack's room. They are coming to finish up the last touchups on the drywall and then I'm going to paint and they'll come back and put the window trim up. I've got baby border to take off in his room too, yuck!! That stuff usually comes down easily though, let's hope that's the case!!

So many things planned!! Hoping we can meet up with the cabinet maker this weekend!!

The week is full of fun stuff!! Jack starts preschool tomorrow and he will be turning 3 on Saturday!! If we don't go to the cabinetmaker on Sat, we'll be going to Knoebel's (a great family amusement park), if not, we'll go on Sunday!!

Here is one of my latest layouts. This is my Pop (great grandfather) too. Not sure when this pic was taken, but by the background, I think he may be on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Oh, check out the new GalBlog at ScrapGal. The design team is going to be posting inspiration there at least every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!! Right now there are a lot of RAK's going on for the blog debut!! There is also a great Basic Grey contest going on! Just upload a layout using BG and we will draw a winner from a hat on the 17th, I believe. The winner will receive 1 sheet of each of the 4 new lines!! How cool is that?

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

I am now off to blog hop, I haven't done that in so long and miss catching up with my favorite bloggers!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Has it really been since Tuesday that I posted? I told ya that school was kickin' my butt!! I was a little better by weeks end, but still wanted to nap, which luckily Jack let me doze a bit while he played with his tractors and firetrucks!

Not much exciting happening around here! Jack met his preschool teacher on Thursday. He is SO excited to go to school!! He has been telling everybody, and I mean everybody, that he is going to school!! Please, please, please let him feel like that when I go to leave him on Tuesday!! I just can't believe my little man is starting preschool!! His birthday is Saturday the 8th, so he will celebrate his birthday at school on Thursday! I'll get to stay and observe for a bit too, which I'm excited about because I was never able to do that with Macy because of not having anywhere to take Jack!

Macy is excited because Daddy is taking her to the dollar store tomorrow to spend her tooth fairy money! We will see what she comes home with but I bet it will be girly and pink probably with some sparkles or feathers too! She's that kinda girl!

Me, the kids and my mom went to meet our new baby cousin today!! My cousin, Jackie, had a baby girl on the 6th of August. The kids just love little Joscelyn!! They didn't want to stop holding her!! Jack even held her and wanted her back after a short minute or two break!

Jack was so gentle and sweet with her, as was Macy!! They looked like giants compared to her! It's so hard to imagine that they were once that size!! They grow so fast!!

I'll leave you with these two layouts that I did for the September ILove2Create kit.