Saturday, September 1, 2007


Has it really been since Tuesday that I posted? I told ya that school was kickin' my butt!! I was a little better by weeks end, but still wanted to nap, which luckily Jack let me doze a bit while he played with his tractors and firetrucks!

Not much exciting happening around here! Jack met his preschool teacher on Thursday. He is SO excited to go to school!! He has been telling everybody, and I mean everybody, that he is going to school!! Please, please, please let him feel like that when I go to leave him on Tuesday!! I just can't believe my little man is starting preschool!! His birthday is Saturday the 8th, so he will celebrate his birthday at school on Thursday! I'll get to stay and observe for a bit too, which I'm excited about because I was never able to do that with Macy because of not having anywhere to take Jack!

Macy is excited because Daddy is taking her to the dollar store tomorrow to spend her tooth fairy money! We will see what she comes home with but I bet it will be girly and pink probably with some sparkles or feathers too! She's that kinda girl!

Me, the kids and my mom went to meet our new baby cousin today!! My cousin, Jackie, had a baby girl on the 6th of August. The kids just love little Joscelyn!! They didn't want to stop holding her!! Jack even held her and wanted her back after a short minute or two break!

Jack was so gentle and sweet with her, as was Macy!! They looked like giants compared to her! It's so hard to imagine that they were once that size!! They grow so fast!!

I'll leave you with these two layouts that I did for the September ILove2Create kit.


Scrapbook Princess said...

Love the pictures with the baby!!! Adorable

Corinna said...

SWEET pictures!

Aline said...

Love the picutures and layouts, so cute and perfect! I'm sure Jack will have a great time! Have a great Sunday. :)

Laura said...

beautiful papers!!! These pages make me ready for FALL!!!! love them!

Tawnya said...

I love both layouts. Beautiful work!

I was reading through old posts and I noticed you went to Stowe... was that Stowe VT??

Trish said...

Love the LO's!

Macy and Jack look so cute in the pic's with their new cousin!

christiane said...

my oldest son has his birthday on the 9th!!
love the baby-pictures!! and your layouts are great!!
have a good week!!

Jill said...

So SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so funny to see pumpkin pictures already! We're back in school but weather wise it is definitely still summer! Gorgeous layouts!

Melanie said...

Your kids are so beautiful anyway, but they look so cute holding the baby! I can't believe that Jack is already turning 3!