Friday, April 13, 2007


So, today is truth or dare day with the blog challenges.

You pick one or the other. Truth is to tell what items you've regifted. Dare is to tell about your favorite present ever.

I cannot think of a favorite present so I will tell you about the only gift I have ever regifted, and it just so happens to be one of Macy's that she got.

Warning, this is definately not exciting! LOL I will tell of her party just to make it a bit more exciting!

I admit, I try to do really cool birthday parties. I don't want to do ones like her other friends have done. I want her party to be cooler than anyone elses, and will spare no expense! Now, I am not proud of this fact, but [stomping my feet] I just can't help it!! LOL

So, I had her party at this really cool kids cooking place called Young Chef's Academy. I highly recommend it! She had 9 of her friends there and they were taught how to make pizza. They were taught the proper ways of measuring, etc. It was really cool, I think everyone had a great time!! They all got little goodie bags with their very own set of measuring cups, a neat measuring spoon, the pizza dough recipe and they also got to keep their chefs hats.

Macy received a Hullaballoo game from one of her friends. She already got that game a few months earlier, so I regifted it to one of her little boy friends who had a birthday party in July. That is my extent of regifting! LOL

Macy's birthday is on June 3rd and I've been feverishly trying to figure out the next cool birthday establishment! Can you hear my evil laugh? :)


Patrice~ said...

Oh Rachael!
That's not so bad - at least the gift didn't go back to the original giver!!
Glad to see you're back chatting - missed your insights and stories!

Shandy said...

can I have you as a mom to throw my next party! and by that I mean MY birthday party - LOL

good luck on finding the perfect destination!

Anonymous said...

I heard through the grapevine the party was awesome! You have a lot to live up to!

No pressure! LOL


Lisa said...

My two favorite and parties! What a lucky girl!

Kimberly said...

lol....of course you want macy's party to be cooler than anyone else's!!!! that's how it should be. :wink:

Jenn~ said...

What other kind of party would a good mom give? One of the fav's I did for ds was a cowboy party complete with horses and campfire.

shelly b said...

I am in a lot of scrap exchanges and get a lot of the same I send some of that out, otherwise I'm not a regifter!

Kimberly said...

Not so bad at all. You are too cute! Have fun with the birthday party plans too! xoxo Loves,

Traci V said...

In addition to our "Amazing Race" parties, we've had some other "cool" unique parties -

one year we did an art party and I set up 5 different projects at stations in the back yard, and they moved through and did them. One was actually painting artist canvases and one was making a tye-dyed shirt - so those were the favors.

ANother year i got a friend who played guitar and keyboard to come do a sing a long - and we made our own rhythm band.

The best was asking everyone to bring their bikes or scooters - we hired a face painter - and got decorations for the bikes - and had a huge parade. It works perfectly because we live on a cul-de-sac.

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh... I HATE moms like you... always something to live up to! ;)

Just kidding. Although how about you just send me all your cool ideas and I'll pass them off as my own? K?