Monday, April 9, 2007

Photo contest finalist!

I entered 3 pictures in the Serendipity Scrapbook Designs photo contest and found out that 2 of them are finalists!

Both of the pictures are of Jack! One of them is the one a few posts down where he is sitting in a playground plaything and the other is one of him walking along a river!

If you feel like voting, go to and scroll to the bottom, there is a poll there. I think you can vote for more than one picture at a time, but only actually vote once.


Shandy said...

what awesome photos Rachael! and 2 of the 3 became a finalist!?? IMPRESSIVE!!
ok.. had to go vote.. LOVE the composition of Along the River... totally got my vote on that one! good luck girl!

kathy marie said...

off to go check out the site now, how cool 2 photos!

Stacy Cartwright said...

That is so cool Racheal!! Congrats!
I will go vote now.

Ginger said...

wow that is so cool...I am going to go check it all out!

edith turk said...

Look at you "workin' it", girl!! Great job on the photos!! I love the one of Jack by the river!