Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nervousness! (and blog challenge #16)

I put Jack to bed tonight without a diaper! He's been potty trained for about 2 months, I guess but I've been putting a pull up or diaper on him at night just in case! I don't particularly like getting up in the middle of the night to do a sheet change!

I think he will be fine, he usually wakes up dry. Macy never wore any at night, once she was trained, that was it! Another boy/girl difference I guess! So, here is to a dry, sleepfilled night! :)

The blog challenge today was to list your to do list for the day. I will recap my list and state whether or not I actually got it done!

1. Download Norton Internet Security - my 60 day trial expired. It took me one whole hour to do this! I kept getting errors and having to restart! Darn Vista!! All seems well now, so hopefully we are fine! What a waste of an hour!

2. Go to Michael's for a brown Versafine pad - CHECK! They are revamping our store and it finally has some things that I might want to buy! I never go there because it's so crappy! Maybe Martha is helping them get their rear in gear!

3. Go to store - CHECK! Needed milk. You know you just can't go in and buy what you went for! I managed to get out with less than $30 though!

4. Clean the kids bedrooms - CHECK! So nice to be able to walk through them without tripping over all sorts of things!

5. Fold and put away kids laundry - Ummmmm!! Hey, at least I got the rooms cleaned!

6. Mop kitchen floor - Ummmm!! It really needs it but I was tired from cleaning the kids rooms!

7. Scrap - hopefully!! Just waiting for Chris to get home from his presentation, then put Macy to bed and maybe get a little in. I want to try to complete the page a day challenge at ScrapGal!

That's it!! I will be adding #5 and #6 to the list for tomorrow!

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Patrice~ said...

Whew - you busy mamma!!
How'd Jack do through the nite?