Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Do you think I'm a bad girl??

Well, it's time for the reveal! Most of you seem to think I was a bad girl in school!

Here are the results:

1. Yes, I have never, ever had detention!! I was a good girl in school, kind of a teachers pet sorta student!

2. While I was on the local news as a child, I was NEVER in a commercial.

3. Yes, I'm an RN but should have probably been some sort of mathmetician because of my super math skills! I was treasurer of my high school's FBLA chapter! In fact, I advanced to state competition 2 times, once for Parliamentary Procedure (placed 3rd in the state) and once for Entrepreneurship. Maybe I should try out for The Donald!

So, Tracy, Kimberly and Celeste called my bluff! The rest of ya were WRONG!!!


Stacy Cartwright said...

well I guessed wrong!!

Kimberly said...

woot!!! i guessed right!!!!! goody twoshoes (or however you spell that...omg...i am so lazy)!!! this was awesome fun!

Shandy said...

SNAGS!! So fun!

shelly b said...

Funny info! Like your banner a lot. Very fun blog!