Saturday, March 31, 2007

Give it up for Shandy!!!

See that totally fab banner? My super digi talented friend, Shandy Vogt made that especially for MOI!! Yep, I feel so special!! It is perfect! So fitting for me!!!

You should check her out, her blog is in my favorites, she is so good and even designs her own papers!

Thank you Shandy, I owe you big time!!!


Shandy said...

awww.. shucks. I must say that I think it TOTALLY DOES fit you!! When I finished it up.. I was like "yep... that's it!" :)

I'm just so glad you like it!

deborrah said...

Too, too cool! Love it! Did she create it in Photoshop and then add it to the page template? I love it and would love to create something of my own. Great, great blog header!

Corinna said...

Ah your banner is totally AWESOME! Cool beans, Shandy rocks!

Lynn said...

Love the new blog, Rachael!