Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is here!

I think Spring has finally arrived!! It has me in the mood to clean and paint now! I went and picked up paint swatches today as well as all the necessary painting supplies! Did I ever tell you, though, that I hate to paint? I love it once it's all done but the process is awful, not to mention the dreaded cutting in part!

The first room is our master bedroom, we haven't painted it yet since we moved in almost 7 years ago (I told you I hated to paint, so does Chris!). There is this horrible, horrible floral border in there that has been begging to come down and this year is finally the year! I got a really neat rust, tan, green paisley like comforter set at Ross a few months ago for only $18. I think I'm going to get rust curtains and paint the walls a beige or a green. Not sure yet until I put up the swatches. The hallways will be next, then the kitchen once we get our roof fixed and then the family room. I was wanting to repaint the family room this year and Jack sealed that deal. A week or so ago, he found a purple marker and decided to draw all over one wall, and on the ceiling above his play kitchen. I couldn't get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to it fast enough. The marker on the ceiling didn't all come off.

Onto the blog challenges, I am trying to catch up!! Here is Shandy's (from ScrapGal) Monday challenge - to take a blog entry and use all or parts of it to make a layout. I love this picture of Chris during our bike adventure on Sunday.

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Shandy said...

first of all -- GO FOR THE PAINT! it sounds like you're new master bedroom will be a resort when you're done decorating it!

second -- so glad you've got a blogger blog now - so I can post on it - LOL

third -- LOVE that LO! I want to make that background paper! love how you've got the whole design going on a tilt -- awesome! thanks for participating!

fourth -- well... just have a terrific day! :)