Monday, March 26, 2007

Out 'o shape!!

Wow! Winter with almost no physical activity is bad!

We went on our first bike adventure (that's what we like to call them) since the fall. Chris got a new hybrid bike and we bought a tandem bike for Macy. Jack still rides in the trailer, Macy's tandem is attached to me.

The trail we take is along an old canal along a major river here. The whole way one way is about 4.5 miles. We usually go the whole distance, but this time, we only got to the picnic area then decided to head back. That distance is a smidge over 2 miles one way.

Man was I tired at the end! My poor legs just about gave out on me! I've never had this problem! I'm going to blame it on the extra 37 pounds of Macy and whatever the tandem bike weighs! Sure, she can pedal too, but it doesn't help a whole lot! LOL She kept telling me to go faster! LOL

I guess we'll have to work up to it again! It will get easier I suppose!!

Here are some fun pics that I took along the river at the picnic area. We didn't get one of me and Macy on the tandem yet.

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Shandy said...

what a fun family activity to do! sounds so fun and LOVED seeing all the pics!