Thursday, May 24, 2007

Preschool graduate!

We have a preschool graduate!! Miss Macy graduated yesterday!

The afternoon classes did their program at 10:30. Macy was at the head of the procession! Somehow I knew she would be! She is the most outgoing little almost 5 year old there is! So social! Here she is with one of her teachers, Mrs. Kolb.

She's wearing a frog hat. Their first song was "5 Little Speckled Frogs". She has been singing this song at home for weeks! So much that I am constantly singing it! It was neat to hear them sing it to the music, and I was able to sing along!

It was a short program, lasting about 20 minutes. Daddy left work to come see her and Grammy, Nana and Pop Pop were also there, along with brother Jack!

Afterwards, we went over to the park and had the whole 4 year old and pre K class picnic. Lots of yummy picnic food; hot dogs, pb&j's, lots of salads, fruit, veggies and delicious desserts!

The kids played for a bit and then we headed home. It was an exhausting day for Mommy! Getting up at 7 am and then being out in the heat with probably 100 kids with a high energy level! Sheesh, I needed a nap, but couldnt' take one!

Onto another subject, yesterday's blog challenge was to tell about your first date with your husband.
Since Chris and I met in college, we didn't really have a first date. It's kind of hard to date when you are a college student with no money!
I would say our first date was a fraternity party. I remember dancing to the song "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-lot". I still laugh and think back to that night when I hear the song! Really wasn't too exciting!


Lisa said...

Hey your first song is still your first song. I'd say shaking your booty, money or not, with your future sweetie still counts!

Patrice~ said...

College sweethearts of a sort?
Thanks for sharing!!

Eminepala said...

Aw she's so CUTE

Anonymous said...

She looks so pretty, can you believe not more pre-school for Macy. Now the real deal! Yikes!


Trish said...

Macy is so cute!

I love your first date story!

Cindy Tobey said...

Macy is such a cutie! Congrats to her!!! My son Elijah just graduated from pre-K too. He wants so badly for Kindergarten to start right now. Poor guy has to endure summer vacation. LOL!