Friday, May 25, 2007

It's a hot one!

It sure is hot today - 90 degrees! I've been telling the kids for the last week that once it gets hot enough out, we'll put on their bathing suits and hook up the sprinkler! After many days of Macy asking "is it hot enough yet?", I was finally able to answer "yes"!

Don't they just look so cute in their new suits? I still need to get them each at least one more. I bought these 2 several months ago at Hartstrings. I love them! I just love little boys in orange!

If I ever figure out how to get the pictures organized nicely in Blogger, I think I'll faint! Sorry for the haphazardness!

We've got a busy weekend here. It's the season of birthdays again! One of the boys from Macy's preschool class is having his party tomorrow at a kid gym. Sunday, the boy neighbor across the street is having his 7th bday party at the bowling alley. Then, next Saturday is my Aunt's 50th bday. We are having a surprise party for her. Sunday is Macy's bday and party! I still do not know what I am getting for her! She has everything already, so it probably won't be much! We usually go to an amusement park right around that day too, probably the following weekend.

The blog challenge today is to list 5 things that you want to do or have done in your lifetime.

Hmmmm . . .

1. I would love to win the lottery, but that is impossible since I don't play it, besides the scratch offs once in awhile.

2. Return to Jamaica for a second honeymoon. We are hoping to do that for our 10th anniversary in 2 years, so we'll see!

3. Go to Paris. I am part French, my Great Grandfather came over from France. I will probably never do this though, unless I am tranquilized. I am not a fan of flying for that long!

4. Get in shape and stay that way!

5. Have grandchildren and great grandchildren and spoil them rotten!

Have a great weekend!


Stacy Cartwright said...

lookes like the kids are so happy to be able to play in the water.

I think we all want to win the lottery, but I don't play either. I just keep hoping that my in-laws win because I know they will share.

Eminepala said...

What a fun pics Rachael...
you can see that the kids are having fun...

BTW: I would love to win the lottery too... But I'm not playing either... LOL
I think I would by A LOT OF SCRAPBOOK supplies and share it with others ;)


Scrapbook Princess said...

They are adorable!! Macy looks like she is posing for a photo shoot, with the hands on the hips :)

You have 2 heartbreakers on your hands!! I don't envy you when they get older:)

Grats on graduation as well

aleciagrimm said...

Cute photos!!

Kristi Smith said...

Great photos, the kids are so cute!!!

I hope to win the lottery too but I don't play either, but my dad does . . . so I am betting on him!=)

Patrice~ said...

Jamaica sounds very do-able. Maybe I'll see you there!!

Your children's pics are delightful! I sense a very creative LO or two headed to the gallery !!!

Tammy said...

Hey there !!
Great pictures!! I love to be outside with the kids... I look forward to stalking your blog :)

Cindy Tobey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I gotta admit, I love the way my 4 year old son looks in orange too...and he has orange floral swim trunks.

Ginger said...

your kids are so cute. love the suits, I still got to get some new ones for the year, still not all that hot here.
have a great weekend

shelly b said...

this reminds me that I need to get a new bathing suit!! And...I always have a list of 100 things to do in my lifetime...and it gets updated...I make my students do a list every year too!!

Nicole Carro said...

Rachael, loved reading your list of "things to accomplish this lifetime."

Those two look like they are having a blast in the sprinkler, great pics!

Kimberly said...

oh they are both adorable in their suits. makes me want to run through the sprinklers too. looks like they had so much fun.

Anonymous said...

What cuties!

Love the lifetime list, sounds like a great page idea!