Monday, May 7, 2007

How I spent NSD (blog challenge #25)

For those non-scrapbookers out there, NSD stands for National Scrapbooking Day!! It is an excuse for all of us scrappers to get a free day to scrap!

NSD was this past Saturday, May 5th. While I did nothing scrappy at all on that day, I did have a blast the night before!

Friday night, we had our GNO (girl's night out). My friends Tracy, Mimi, Mary and I get together for a fun time every 6 weeks or so. We used to crop at one of our houses but lately we found that it's much more fun shopping and eating out!

There is a store in Hershey, PA that was having 30% off your total bill all weekend. What scrapaholic could pass that up? So, we hopped in the van on Friday evening, after the hubbies got home, and headed on up to Hershey! It's an hour ride, so you can imagine all the giggling and silliness going on during that time. We also had some guy in a pickup truck hot on our tail for a mile or two. It was like being in high school again! Luckily he turned the opposite way at an off ramp! Getting too old for that stuff!

So, we arrive in Hershey and go to eat at Red Robin. No wait at 6:45 on a Friday night! Maybe we would actually stick to the itinerary that Tracy had made up. [Her husband was the late one, so we were about a half hour behind schedule!] That was not the case. All the people that came in after us were getting their food well before us. We waited an hour for our food! Tracy, the outspoken one that she is (thank goodness), got the manager! She explained to him how we drove an hour to eat there, how we were going to miss our movie (we were planning on taking in a movie too), blah, blah, blah. She asked in her professional lingo "how are you going to rectify this situation?" Such big words. Mary, Mimi, and I had to hold in some little giggles while she was chatting with him. The manager was probably 8-10 years younger than us! I think we scared him! We thought we'd get a gift certificate for our next visit or maybe the appetizer free, well, he told us he was going to take care of our entire meal! :) Woohoo!!! Yippeeeee!!! They pretty much sucked up to us for the rest of the time we were there!

Finally, after all that, we went over to the store. So much fun! We consulted about some purchases, giggled alot plus some other things! We probably spent about an hour and a half there! They didn't have much more than what we already had, but it was fun and we managed to do some damage! For every $50 you spent, you got a ticket to win 1 of 5 Karen Foster totes that have the seat built in. Can you believe that I got home today and had a message that I won one? Made the trip even better. Now I just need to figure out when I can go and pick it up!

The topper to the night was heading down to Starbucks after we shopped. They were open for another 45 minutes and we stayed that long. Apparently we must've gotten a little loud or too giddy for them because they turned the music on loud soon after we got there and sat down with our drinks!

All in all, it was such a great night! It's always fun to get away with the gal pals minus the kids and have a jolly good time! :)

Looking forward to the next GNO!


Trish said...

congrats on the new tote!

You guys have great GNO! I need a good GNO.

Kimberly said...

YAY you on the new TOTE!!! How fun! Good times reading your blog and catching up!

Patrice~ said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, Rchael! Good for you!

Lisa said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great gals night! And a GC to boot!

Kimberly said...

girls' night out. FUN! glad you got your dinner for free. and know i love me some sbx!

Jenn~ said...

Sounds like fun!

Stacy Cartwright said...

Glad you had a great time with the girls.

Shandy said...

girlfriend.. it's been too long since I've stopped by to chat!! loved reading and catching up with you here on your blog :)

GNO's.. yeah.. those rock and yours sounded awesome!!

Anonymous said...

You know I am still laughing, too funny. I had souch a great time.

You know Tracy is going to give you a hard time for winning that tote after she spent so much money. LOL

Congrats on the big win, I guess we need to plan a trip to pick it up! Another GNO!


mary said...

awesome times!!! a new tote to go with those fun memories...such fun!