Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7 Wierd Things About Me!

1. I cannot stand it when there is time left on the microwave and there is nothing in it! Chris will constantly take things out before the time is up and not clear it!!! It drives me bonkers, it must be cleared!!!

2. I also twitch when I see someone's tag hanging out of their shirt! It bothers me so bad that I have, on occasion, gone up and tucked in strangers tags. The really bad thing is if I realize that I have a tag out! ACK!!! I check several times a day, but you never know when one will pop out!

3. The proper way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is to lay the bread out side by side (making sure that the sides will match up), spread a nice layer of peanut butter on the bread on the right and a nice layer of jelly on the left side. Under no circumstances do you just put a glob of jelly ON TOP of the peanut butter!!!

4. Corn on the cob must be eaten from left to right! Not right to left, not around the cob!

5. I must have double jointed shoulders, I can put my hands on my waist and twist my elbow around in front of me and make them touch. It's really quite odd!

6. I must have clean feet before going to bed! I get a bath at night, just the thought of having all the days dirt on me when I go to bed just grosses me out! If by chance I cannot get a bath, I will still wash my feet! My sheets must also be tucked in at the bottom of the bed "just so" or I cannot sleep!

7. I have to drive everywhere. I get terribly car sick! I have been known to get car sick when I drive myself too! I cannot ride on merry go rounds or ferris wheels or anything that has any type of circle. Which, sadly, leaves out most of the cool new roller coasters. I love roller coasters, but can only go on the old ones because of this. :(

I could come up with many more, but I think that'll do ya for now!


Patrice~ said...

Rachael, you are an absolute riot, girlfriend!! You know, what is it about feet? I am the same way!! Sheet-thing and all!
You're the best!!

~*~Felicia~*~ said...

hahahahahahaha omg these are awesome LOL but i can totally agree with the timer on the microwave!!! drives me nuts too LOL

Stacy Cartwright said...

You are so funny!! Thanks for the giggles!!

Lisa said...

OMG....okay you win. You have, hands down, funnier, weirder quirks than me!

Thanks for the belly laugh!

Anonymous said...

All these "weird" things are what make you so entertaining!


Kristi said...


Loved these, what a riot! Have you ever heard of obsessive compulsive disorder? =)

Jenn~ said...

Oh, Rachael, don't let them tease you! I have to match up the grilled hamburger buns so they match and have been know to (mentally) get upset if someone makes me hurry! You're a riot!

Kimberly said...

the microwave thing? dude. i could have listed that one. totally makes me nuts when james takes stuff out and it flashes. i ALWAYS go clear it.

read your mother's day post too. you and macy are adorable. glad you had a nice day, bought and got your annuals planted!

Shandy said...

how fun are you!! clean feet... proper way to make a PBJ... touching your elbows in front!!!! holy cow!

jadadog said...

yes, you are odd! I've seen the elbow trick...makes for a fun party topic! anyway, you know what they say..."Birds of a FEather, Flock Together!" I'm equally odd, but not gonna share how odd!