Friday, May 18, 2007

Blog Challenge #30 - Truth or Dare

Today's challenge is to post a "busted" moment or fess up about the difference of the weight on your driver's license vs. your real weight. Well, here in PA, we don't have weight listed on our dl, so I will post a busted moment!

Lisa always comes up with some great challenges, real thinkers, and of course I can never think of an answer!

This one is another "Macy moment". We got dressed for the day, she is doing her little flitting around with her hair and her outfit. She then turned to me and asked me "does my butt look big in this?" Hmmm, apparently I must ask that often!

Speaking of butts, I finally got this big one to the gym!! I met with a trainer today to get me aquainted with the equipment and develop my program for me. My butt is feeling fine but my arms are like Jello! No upper body strength here! It feels good though and I am looking forward to getting back in shape and back to my prepregnancy weight!


Lisa said...

Oh NO!!! She did NOT ask you that!

heh heh heh

What do you mean you can never come up with anything...that is priceless!

Jenn~ said...

Hmmmm. A four year old with a big butt. . . lol! Good one! Did she ask you if the outfit made her look fat?!

Patrice~ said...

omigosh Rachael - I have tears rolling from laughing!!
Aren't kids just tooooo hilarious?

Nicole Carro said...

Rachael, Macy is too funny! I hope you feel GREAT after a few visits to the gym. I'd love to get back to the prepregnancy weight too.

Kimberly said...

heeheehee...that's funny! me..maybe not to you! lol...

glad you met with your trainer today. i saw a post about on SG. i'll check it. later though. just got home from t ball.

you look tiny to's hard to believe you think you need to lose weight!

Shandy said...

leave it to Macy to entertain us all! LOL
congrats on getting to the gym!! YOU GO GIRL!

karin said...

first time visitor, and loved reading your blog!
take care
from sunny South Africa

Kristi said...

I like big butts, I cannot lie, you other gals can deny . . .

Sorry, couldn't resist.=) Too funny. Probably good thing I don't have a daughter, she'd always be saying, "If only I had boobs . . ."!


No weight on your driver's license there, eh? Must have been a woman who made that not mandatory in PA!

Good for you for working out, let's see some before and after pics in a couple of months . . . I will be waiting!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I can just picture that! LOL!


mary said...

omg...that is too funny!