Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good morning!

It's 10:45 am and I am actually dressed, hair is done, kids are dressed, got a load of laundry in the washer and I am ready to go!! It's usually 11:45 before all this is accomplished!

Why for the earliness you ask? I've got a ton to do today! Macy graduates from preschool tomorrow and the inlaws are coming tonight so they can go tomorrow. So, I've got cleaning to do and errands to run! I also bought another flat of annuals for the front yard yesterday so I need to get them planted!

Went to the gym again last night. Since it was less than 24 hours ago, I am not feeling the effects of it so far! But, I know once tonight and tomorrow morning roll around, I will be sore! I did double the workout and also got on the elliptical for the first time. Yeah, that's a killer workout! You can burn over 500 calories an hour on that puppy! I did 15 minutes of it as my "cool down", but I definately wasn't cool! Hoping to get there again tomorrow night and then my appt with the trainer is Tuesday morning. I think Chris is going to start going too! :)

I am off to do my chores!!
Since I like to have a picture with each post, here is a layout that I did for the May SBS kit. This is my Uncle Joe from I'm not sure when. I found this pic going through some old family albums. On the back was a note from him to either my Grandmother (his sister) or other Uncle. What a treasure that was to find!!


Mandy said...

Love that layout...old photos are the best! :)

melissa said...

wow love that layout!

and congrats on getting to the gym-sounds like you had a good workout ;)

Anonymous said...

love the layout rachael. . . what a treasure you found. ethan graduates preschool on june 2. . .they have a "jubilee" performance . . each child sings a song. it's really neat. can't believe he's going to kindergarten already . .i'm sure you feel the same way with macy.

have fun planting ~ denise

Kristi Smith said...

Great layout!!! Love the note too!

LOL at the 10:45, that sounds like me.

Good for you still working out, I was doing pretty good and then I got stressed so I had a Big Mac tonight (yes, I know I am skinny but I am not in shape . . . there is a difference!). My gastro doctor told me no Big Macs but I don't listen very well, I LOVE THEM!=D

Anonymous said...

Love the LO, so cool how you included the note on the back!

Have fun at Macy's graduation!


Trish said...

Great LO!

Happy Graduation day to Macy! She is getting so big so fast!

Eminepala said...

this is beautiful Rachael ;) Love it


Scrapbook Princess said...

Awesome LO!!

The title, was it HS masks? or stickers?

Kimberly said...

awesome page!
hope macy's grad was awesome.
you are seriously planing tons and tons of stuff! i want to see your yard.