Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day weekend

We had such a nice weekend! It started off on Friday. Macy's preschool had a special Mother's Day celebration. Chris came home early to watch Jack while I went. They had it all set up in the church social room. The kids made special pictures of butterflies using their handprints with a nice poem at the bottom. They also made us pretzel sticks with chocolate flowers on them. YUM!!
The mom's were all seated and then the 2 classes came out and sang us 2 songs. We then had some food! They had quite the spread! Several flavors of mini muffins, fruit, veggies, pretzels and punch. Very good! It was such a nice time, it was nice spending time with just her and also her friends with their mommies!

Friday evening we went out to eat at Applebee's and then I had my monthly Bunco game. Guess what? I won!! We give $20 cash to the person with the most bunco's, highest score, and lowest score. Yes, I won for lowest score! Last month, I was just 2 points away from high score!

Saturday, I got my Mother's Day present! All I wanted was to be able to go to Glick's Greenhouse and buy flowers and veggies!! And that I did!! Macy and I went and had such a fun time picking it all out!! They always have the nicest plants, and great prices too! We will be stocked on tomatoes this summer! Can't wait!! We came home and planted most of them. We finished up the annual planting this afternoon.
Chris was supposed to work a 24 hour shift Saturday into Sunday, but the helicopter was down for maintenance so he didn't have to go in at all! That was nice!
Sunday, me and the kids went to my parents and then to my Grandmother's. We saw my Aunt and cousin there too. My Grandmother and her husband have sheep and a lot of land, so the kids really enjoyed that! They even took a half hour hike up into the woods!
We got home to find a nice tulip arrangement for me! Orange and yellow ones, so pretty! I was not expecting that, so it was a nice surprise.
So, that was the weekend! Now here it is Monday again and just 8 more days until Macy's last day of preschool, then I will have a kindergarter and a new preschooler! Wow!!


Scrapbook Princess said...

You and Macy look so happy together!!! It sounds like you both had a wonderful day. What great photos of both of you, you both are just so cute!!

Eminepala said...

oh how nice.. Happy mothersday again ;)
The picture is just gorgeous


*Fauve* said...

Good to hear you had a happy mothers day!

Andi said...

Love Glick's! Hoping to get there this weekend.

Sounds like you had the perfect mommy's weekend, not just one day! wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The Mother's Day brunch is one of the things I miss now that the kids are in regular school. Sounds wonderful!

Great Pics!