Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vaction, final part! Tooth fairy comes tonight!

Adding the rest of the vacation pics and story!

On Wednesday, we decided to go to the Farm Sanctuary which was just 8 miles from our campsite. It looked like a nice place in the ads, showing kids petting sheep, etc, looked like a nice little petting zoo type place.

We arrived at the place.

We thought that was cute. We went inside, paid for our admission and started looking around and reading about it before the tour started. While we were reading, we found that it is a vegan run sanctuary and they were really against any type of farming. There were traps and all sorts of displays and they showed a video about factory farming, which was a little graphic for kids. Now, I do not having anything against vegans, nor do I support any type of cruelty to animals, but I think they should have advertised their place as such. It could really be upsetting to some visitors that were in the farming industry. Farmers are hard workers, they do what they do to support their families, and I just felt like they were really put down at this place. I felt a little uncomfortable there, wondering if we were the only people that weren't vegetarians! I was just waiting for Macy or Jack to start talking about hot dogs or hamburgers! LOL Luckily, they did not! Little did they know that we stopped at the grocery store on the way back to the campsite and picked up some steaks and shish-kabobs!

Nonetheless, we had a good time, even feeling a little uncomfortable. We got to go into the cow pasture, somewhere that I've never been before! LOL We pet sheep, turkey, and pigs! The kids enjoyed it and so did I.

Do you remember the silly joke as kids "pig fell in the mud"? I hope so, because Chris thinks I'm strange because they never said that in his hometown!

So, after we left there, we stopped at a state park called Sugar Hill, way, way high! They had a fire tower there that you could actually climb to the top at your own risk.

Chris climbed all the way to the top and talked to some guys on his amateur radio.

Once he came back down (it started to get windy up there!), him and the kids played chase and hide and seek. We also stumbled upon another geodetic survey marker! I think we're going to start hunting for these now!

That's pretty much it for our camping adventure! We had a great time and there was a ton to do! Our night was topped off with a swim in their indoor inground pool and hot tub! :)

In other news, Macy's tooth finally fell out while we were at Staples today! It'll be an exciting morning for her tomorrow, both a visit from the tooth fairy AND the first day of kindergarten!!

Kindergarten pics to come tomorrow!


toners said...

Great photos and excellent journaling :) How exciting for your dd to lose a tooth on the eve of kindergarten!

Melonie said...

How cool is that? Starting Kindergarten and a visit from the tooth fairy at the same time! Can't wait to see the pics! 9 more days for us.

shelly b said...

sounds like a good time, though a little weird at the vegan farm!

Scrapbook Princess said...

Sounds like a fantastic tomorrow!! You guys should try the letterboxing, I am going to start here, as a girl scout troup hid a ton of them recently!

We were walking in a quaint little town once, and stopped in the Whale Museum. Or so I thought it was... turns out to be a whaling museum, all for the pros of whaling. It was graphic too we kinda made it a quick trip in there ;)

Alicia S said...

Good luck to Macy on her first day of Kindergarten!! My niece starts Wednesday. I can imagine its bittersweet for you!

Jill said...

How fun! I remember climbing fire towers as a girl, but not pig falling! :-)

*fauve* said...

Toothfairy yay,dont forget to make some pictures!And kindergarten,how exciting!

Candice P.J. said...

How strange that the vegans didn't warn you about graphic material for the sake of your kids! My boyfriend has a strong belief that some extremists care more about animals than people (aren't we animals too?).

Yay for Kindergarten!!! Can't wait to see the pics!

Aline said...

Oh, would have felt uncomfortable too! But it really looks like you had fun though! :)

Good luck on the first kindergarten day, can't wait to see the pics. :)

Eminepala said...

really cool. I've never been to a farm... love the pictures..

my daughter is going to kindergarten next month and i'm soooo excited...cant wait to see you pics


Kimberly said...

wow. the tooth fairly? that has yet to happen at our house. exciting!!

and you know what? if i would have been with you on vacation i would have had to stop eating all together! i've already pet a cow. what will i do if i ever pet a pig (and he doesn't bite me)...or what will i do if i pet a chicken? ~GASP~ lol...

i'm not a vegetarian as long as i don't met any more animals! :wink:

glad you had fun even though you were a little uncomfortable. adorable pic of the kids with the cow.

and you know what? totally laughed out loud when you said that after you left you went and bought steaks. haa!

domestic goddess said...

oops on the farm
cannot wait to see your first day at kindergarten school
my youngest starts school on the 17th, i think its hardest for us mums!!!
anna x

Trish said...

I hope Macy has a great first day of school and the toothfairy is brings her something good!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!


Lizee said...

that pic looks too comfortable!

Stephanie said...

Wow, what a story! Glad you could make the most of it!
Good luck on the first day of school!

Kristi Smith said...

LOL, we should send Kendra there for a vacation!!!

Could you have imagined if you walked in there eating a hotdog? =)

Seriously, I have nothing against vegans either, when I see little piggies and calfs, I feel bad, but I love me some bacon!!!