Thursday, August 2, 2007

All set for kindergarten!!

Macy had the last of her required kindergarten appointments today!! My baby girl is all set for school!! These last 5 years sure flew by!

She had her 5 year checkup/shots on Tuesday. Did you know that she is the average height of a 7 1/2 year old? I knew she was tall, she's always been off the growth charts for height, but wow, that put it into perpective when the pediatrician said that!! For the first time ever, she threw a fit with the shots! This is the girl (Jack is the same) that never flinched, cried or shed a tear when getting immunizations in the past! Me and another nurse had to hold her down while the third nurse gave her the shot! And ya know what, the shots didn't hurt her a bit, she just got herself worked up. I've heard about this happening with a lot of 5 year olds! Poor girl!! But, she's very healthy, tall and average weight, 50th percentile for weight.

Today, she went to the dentist. She was perfect there! She loved having her teeth cleaned and the fluoride applied. We learned that she has a permanent tooth coming up behind one of her front baby teeth. She later said "I wondered what that thing popping up was!" I guess she didn't feel it important to tell me she had a "thing popping up" in her mouth! So, I need to scurry and get a tooth fairy holder made! He also said the dreaded "B" word!!! Looks like she'll follow in Mommy's footsteps and have braces when she gets a little older! $$UGH!$$

Afterwards, since they were both so good, Jack stood quietly and nicely in the corner watching have her teeth cleaned, I took them to the bouncy playplace in the mall and got them 20 minutes of bouncing. I was trying to wear them out so Jack would be not as wild during lunch!! We had pizza and then headed to the library so they could finally get their own library cards!!


Trish said...

Wow, the last 5 years have past like lighting. I remember the day Matt told me she was born. I feel like it was yesterday.

Glad all the doctor visits went well. Well okay minus the shot tantrum.

Scrapbook Princess said...

Wow, they are both so big!!! You had a busy day today:)
Sounds very productive though. Glad everything went well.

I had the straightest teeth when I was younger, and ended up with braces, my sister had sideways teeth, and they straightened out on their own, she never had braces... I am hoping that that happens for you :)

Aline said...

Oh, I so can understand you. Time flies, especially when you've got children. Gabriel will start his second kindergarten year next week and I feel like he went there first yesterday.

Have a great day!

scrappermimi said...

Sounds like a busy day.

We just dodged the braces bullet with Nick, I hope it last.

Tracy said...

Oh, gosh - kindergarten! such exciting times. my youngest of 3 is entering 5th grade, but she's still my baby in my mind! we both remember her kindergarten registration day - i took her to lunch at the only little diner in town and she skipped with excitement down the sidewalk from the school to the restaurant. then she tripped, fell and skinned her knee. bummer!

Amy said...

YahoO!! What a great day! I can't believe we've got them going into Kindergarten already!

Melonie said...

Sounds like you had a very busy day! Marlee starts school in the Fall too! Yes the time does fly by! My son's permanent teeth came in behind his baby teeth and eventually pushed them out. They were crooked at first and now 4 months later they have straightened themselves out!

BTW- LOVE the new LO's! The pic of you and Chris is great and I love the Bridge page!