Thursday, June 7, 2007


I feel like I haven't blogged in weeks! I guess it's only been 3 days though.

It's been busy!! We've had birthday parties galore!

This past Saturday was my Aunt Barb's 50th bday, so we had a party for her at my Aunt Jean's house.

Here are the cousins boating in the pool!

Sunday was Macy's 5th birthday! We had her party at an inflatables party place called The Jump Factory. It's new and town and oh so cool!! The parents are even allowed to play!! What a great time! We will definately be going back there!! She had 22 kids there and got a ton of great presents! We ordered a Cold Stone cake for her - YUM!!! For favors, she gave out a Macy's Music Mix CD with 8 of her favorite songs on it. Here is the cover she designed:

Some pics from the party, they didn't turn out very good because of all the movement!

And now the SG Blog Challenge from yesterday, name 5 things that I am grateful for today!

*our wonderful home
*my kids - even if they do drive me crazy
*my wonderful hubby who tolerates all my craziness
*my extended family
*my friends - both real life and online - who also tolerate all my craziness!


Lisa said...

Lot's to be grateful for....and glad your little bit had a wonderful day! I LOVE tht CD idea!

Patrice~ said...

I hear ya, girlfriend!
Your daughter has some creativity, already designing her own 'label'!!

Stacy Cartwright said...

Family is the best thing!!

Trish said...

I still can't believe Macy is 5!
I love her cd label!

Nicole Carro said...

Whoa, that might be the coolest party favor ever! I love the cover that she made, too cute. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your little girls's birthday!

Kimberly said...

love the pics! looks like the party was so much fun!

saw the pic of you and chris. love it!!

Kristi Smith said...

Oh how fun! I love the favor idea. That is too cute!!!

22 kids is like 15 too many! LOL!

Mimi said...

Too fun, sounds like a great party!

tata said...