Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fun Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! I love weekends, all four of us get to hang out and have fun!

Saturday we did some yardwork and Chris put a swing in our magnolia tree. The kids are really enjoying that! Macy gets a huge running start and then hops on it! Jack had a little trouble getting on at first, but quickly learned!

I went out Saturday evening and finally bought new porch furniture! I got 2 nice cushioned swivel chairs with a matching glass table.

Sunday, Happy Father's Day! The kids gave Chris his present, we got him a new bathing suit and some smelly Bath and Body Works stuff. We then went to Cabela's and let him pick out his new upgraded handheld GPS! He's been wanting a new one, with all the new bells and whistles, so this was perfect! We stopped and ate on the way home.

We wanted to try out the new toy and we haven't been geocaching in awhile, so we picked 3 supposedly easy ones and went to it! Well, I don't know what happened, but we couldn't find them! We were having a hard time getting a good satellite signal in the first one because of it being in a gully. The second one, I don't know what happened! For one thing, they didn't say what type of container we were looking for, so knowing that, that would've helped! But, we had fun "treasure hunting" anyway and will be doing it again soon! It's hard to find kid friendly ones around here!

Sunday night, I whipped up a double batch of Strawberry Margaritas and Chris and I drank it all out on the porch! If anyone has a good mixed drink recipe, I'd be interested in it! We are going to try out some new ones every 2 weeks or so! This was just a mix since I wasn't quite sure how to make one from scratch!

Look what is developing in our backyard!!! I cannot wait until they are reading!! I cannot wait to make fresh bruschetta! I cannot wait for a nice fresh tomato sandwich! I can live on them in the summer!! YUM!!! I planted 12 plants this year: 4 grape, 4 early bird, and 4 big boys!

I don't have much mojo lately! If anyone sees it, send it home!! I'm just dying to create and can't!! Here is my latest layout. I decided to give the whole 6x12 thing a try! It was not easy! This is a pic of me as a kid (probably about 5, judging by my haircut) with a fox that my Pop Pop hunted and had stuffed! My cousin and I loved that thing!

Have a great day!! It is going to be a hot one again today! We are headed to the pool after we pick Macy up from camp and get some lunch!


Maureen said...

Oooh, fresh bruschetta. Love that stuff on crusty bread accompanied by a cold glass of Sangria with citrus slices.

BonnieRose said...

we have some fresh tomatoes growing in our backyard too! yummmmmm

Heather said...

Beautiful layout! We just planted our garden this weekend. Veggies and herbs. Can't wait to see it all start growing!
Oh, I love your banner! Did you paint it or is it digi?

Anilu Magloire said...

So glad to hear you had a good weekend!! Your tomatoes look great. I've always wanted to do that. I can't wait until I have a garden :)

Marjolein said...

Paying back the visit:-)) Awesome the bruschetta, we planted veggies and herbes too this weekend, can't wait to have cantaloupes out of my own garden!
Your LO,......love it!!! But 6x12...where are you gonna put it in?

nikki said...

yum! send some my way... i love homegrown tomatos....with a little salt and pepper...yummy!

Trish said...

sounds like you guys had a great weekend!

mmm fresh tomatoes!

chris jenkins said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! i wish i could grow tomatoes but i live in the hot hot desert so it won't work! thanks for stopping by my blog today.


Kimberly said...

mmmmmmmm. 12 tomato plants???!!! YUM. LOVE tomato sandwiches!!!! nice thick slice. so good!

glad you had a nice father's day and weekend. and i love the LO you posted today....of your house....beautiful house and LO.

what is geoca..whatevering? i've never heard of it. sounds fun!

Nicole Carro said...

OK, I so have the biggest craving for a fresh tomato sandwich now!...my Mom used to make them for me with cheese. Glad you all had a Happy Father's Day!

Kristi Smith said...

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about in paragraph number 5! LOL!

Sounds like you had a good time.

Why didn't you invite me over for a margarita, strawberry is my favorite???

Hey, I planted some patio tomatoes in little pots and I have no idea if they are too little?!?!? Do you know anything about planting them in containers? They are starting to grow tomatoes though!!!

Cute layout, I have seen people doing these half page layouts!!! I can't even find an 8 1/2 X 11 album anymore!!!