Sunday, June 8, 2008

An exciting week!!

We had quite the week in our house!!

Macy became very confident on her 2 wheeler.
She turned 6.
She became a Brownie Girl Scout.
She became a first grader!!

All of that within a few days of each other!! She's getting so big!!

Her birthday was on Tuesday but we did the family celebration on Monday because Chris worked all day Tuesday. We made homemade pizza (her and Jack's favorite!) and had a Cold Stone cookie dough cake for dessert! YUM!!

One of her presents was a ProvoCraft felt purse that I decorated for her and then filled full with Claire's goodies!

Wednesday night, she had her Brownie fly up ceremony complete with ice cream social afterwards!

Friday was her last day of kindergarten!! She is officially a first grader!! Her report card was great. Her teacher said she does work beyond expectations! (No pictures of that!). They had a different theme day this week; circus, fairy tale, and Wednesday all 4 kindergarten classes cooked out their lunch and had a picnic outside!

Macy's friend birthday party was today. She had 6 of her best friends come over and we had a tea party!! They all came dressed in either Princess dresses or pretty dresses!! They were so cute!! Everything went well!! We started off by decorating straw hats! We served pb&j, cucumber and cream cheese and ham and cheese finger sandwiches, homemade fruit salad, pretzels and "princess punch". The punch was quite a hit! For dessert we had mini chocolate eclairs and cream puffs!

(she's getting slightly annoyed at my picture taking!)

Here is a better picture of the hats. This is Steph, my friend Andrea's daughter! She was much more willing to pose for me!

Lastly, I must thank my dear, wonderful friend, Andrea, for helping me with the party!!! She was such a HUGE help to me!!! Love ya, girlfriend!! Please don't kill me for this picture!!! I think you look cute!

There's more big news that happened this week but I'll save that for another day! :)

I'll have some layouts to share too!

Thanks for reading!!


Trish said...

Happy Birthday Macy!!!!!!

Congrats on the great report card and becoming a Brownie!

Great pics of the tea party!

Patrice~ said...

Macy's tea party bday
looks like it was a huge success!
and the girls' hats
are just tooooooooo cute!!
sounds like you had
as much fun as the little girls!
thanks for sharing!
can't wait to see your
LO's from Macy's party!!

Marlene said...

Adorable!!! The girls look like they had a great time!

Andrea looks absolutely stunning in her hat! LOL. Seriously...she's such a cute little thing!

merrymstamper said...

Great party hats :)

Congratulations to Macy!!! wow, they grow up so fast!

I can just see gorgeous LO's in the works.

Melanie said...

What great hats! Happy Birthday, Macy!!!

Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a great week! Happy belated birthday and congrats to Macy! :) Love the little bag and the adorable party hats. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael - I'm commenting! It's my first blog comment. Ever! Here's the comment: The girls look adorable in those hats and I can't believe Macy is 6 already. It seems like only three short years ago, she was three.


:: gingerkitty :: said...


Benita said...

Happy Birthday to your dd! Looks like she had a wonderful one! Love the party picture with the hats :)

Kimmie Sue said...

It looks like everyone had such a wonderful time at Macy's party... including your sweet friend Andrea. Those hats are just adorable!! Love the photo that shows all of the girls sitting at the table showing off their hats. :o)

Congrats on Macy graduating, getting good marks, and becoming a brownie! Such great accomplishments in such a short amount of time... Wow!

Angel said...

Happy B'day to your Macy ! What a great party to have with the girfriends! I love the hats !
( The Southern girl that I am ) !
These will be fun memories to scrap! Can't wait for the rest of your big news ! Have a great weekend! Stay cool !

vtpuggirl said...

I love the pic with all the girls in the hats, that's priceless! She's a doll.

Heather said...

Great photos! I love the tea party.

Kimberly said...

the hats....FAB-U-LOUS!
what a fun party.
congrats on macy's achievements!!!
i love all the pics!!

~Amie~ said...

I love your pics! what a fun tea party, those hats are perfect!

Edleen said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweetie Pie!
she's Beautiful :)

look at the girls and their hats... what a fun time it must have been!

croppin carla said...

Wow the party looked like a HUGE fun. I kinda miss those days of little girls....Mine is almost enjoy it while you can. A busy week for sure.

Melonie said...

OMG that pic of the girls at the table is just precious! Happy Birthday Macy and Congrats on becoming a first grader!!

Andrea said...

I would have to agree that Macy's first tea party was quite a hit. The girls all seemed to have a great time, they enjoyed making the hats (and, did I) and drinking the "Princess Punch" out of the fancy glasses! I was also amazed to see how many of them tried the cucumber sandwiches (and many of them asked for more!!!) Such big girls!

I had a great time, thank you for having us!

Steph's mommy (aka: Andrea the goofball)


scrappermimi said...

That looks like the bestest birthday party ever!!!!All the girls and Andrea look so cute.

Happy birthday and congrats on finishing school Macy!!!

~ Amy W ~ said...

Wow! What a wonderful start to the summer! LOVE those hats! It's a GREAT idea to do! What cuties!!

Anonymous said...


tata said...