Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of fun stuff!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! We had a great time here!! Lots of fun stuff to do!!

Thursday, Jack graduated from 3 year old preschool and had the picnic afterwards. It was really chilly, in the low 50's, so everyone pretty much ate and ran! I can never get good pictures inside the church, plus we always manage to sit on the opposite side that he is at, so we just have video. Here he is with his teachers at the picnic. Without them, we wouldn't have made it through this year! They were so good with him.

Friday we had some really wierd weather in the afternoon. It was bright as could be out but pouring! There were double rainbows. I couldn't get great pics because I had the wrong lens on my camera, but if you look closely here, you can see the second one in the top right corner.

Saturday night, we had a spur of the moment GNO at my house. We played Boogie on the Wii, that was a HOOT!!!! Let's just say I kicked their butts!!! Karma Chameleon, baby!! LOL

Sunday, Macy went to a miniature golfing birthday party. It was her first time doing so and she did great! She tied for first place on her team!

Macy and I walked in the Memorial Day parade with her Daisy Troop. She really loved that!! It's totally her thing! We saw lots of people we knew. Jack totally missed us when we passed him and Daddy, but Macy missed him too! I didn't get any pics of them in the parade, I didn't feel like lugging my camera along! She was on the news though! Unfortunately, the news website has every other parade video for download EXCEPT hers!

When we got home from that, I ran to the store for good picnic foods!! We had ribs, chicken and hot dogs, plus salads, watermelon and brownies!! Yum!!! We set the sprinkler up and let the kids run through it.

Meggy also enjoyed the day. She loves her purple ball!

It was such a beautiful holiday!! The weather was perfect!

In exciting scrapping news, the latest issue of Scrapbooking and Beyond is now out (the summer issue) and it features 3 of my layouts! One of which told the love story of a good friend of mine, Marlene. (I need to add her to my links, along with many others! She's a hoot, check out her blog!).


Lea L. said...

Congrats on your layouts in S&B, that is awesome!

Loving all your photos!! So cute! Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend!


Scrapbook Princess said...

Macy and that mini golf pic... WOW, is she ever growing up and just beautiful!!! I love that pic of Jack in the sprinkler, he is just so cute!!!

Congrats on the Layouts, you truly are so talented!!!

Enjoy the weather

Nicole Carro said...

I totally agree, Marlene is a hoot. Can't wait to check out your layouts!

Kimberly said...

jack looks really happy! you'd never know it was such a tough year (with him wanting you to stay).

i didn't know you have a dog! meggy!! love that name.

the pics of macy are adorable (and jack too). glad you had such a fab weekend. all your food sounds delish. and i'm totally giggling at you (in a nice way!) shakin' your groove thang on the wii! too fab.

Marlene said...

Thanks for the plug! LOL. :)

I'm just so honored you took "our story" and ran with it! Love the layout!! Can you please send me some of your mojo, though? I need some fresh stuff! Lego paper has brought me down! LOL.

Love the pics of your kids in the sprinkler! Wish I had those kind of pics. If I could only turn back time. Cute pup, too!

Yes, the weekend was fantabulous. I hear this weekend, it's supposed to rain. *groan*

merrymstamper said...

great pictures Rach!!! love the one of Macy - she is getting so tall and grown up.

Congratulations on the LO's!!!

rosie said...

hey Rachael, I can finally post a comment on your blog-for the longest time just a little window would pop up and I couldn't expand it and write a comment! So, glad to see everyone is good and congrats on your success in being published. You totally deserve it!

Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Congrats on the pub!! :)

croppin carla said...

Well great pics....sounds like you had a great weekend too!

~Amie~ said...

fabulous photographs! your kids are getting so big Rachael!

~ Amy W ~ said...

Wow, it sounds absolutely fabulous! I've missed checking up on things with my computer gone - but I'm back now! Super Congrats on the Magazines!!!

Melonie said...

Double rainbows?? That's so cool! Love all of your new pics! It looks like you all had a fantastic weekend!!

scrappermimi said...

Fab pictures girl! Jack was so lucky to have those wonderful ladies as teachers.

Congrats on the pubs!!!!!!!!