Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tomorrow is D (demolition) day!!!

Our part is done! The cabinet guy comes bright and early tomorrow morning to demo the cabinets and start on his work! He is hoping to frame all the new cabinets out tomorrow too and wants the floor started by end of week! Wow!!!

Chris and I physically exhausted ourselves this weekend getting the floor out! The subfloor did prove to be stubborn as we thought it might. Many of the screws did not want to come out, so we had to use this big huge red bar to get underneath it and rip it up. Tough stuff!! It was actually kind of fun though, great workout! Once that was out, the old green stuff came up easily! Right now, the floor is black from the old adhesive. It is nice hardwoods like the rest of the house, just very black!

Here is what it all looks like now! Click on the pic to make it bigger!

We thought we were all over the hump after getting all that flooring out, until we went to move out the frig last night. It was too wide for the widest of the kitchen doorways. We knew that, it was a tight squeeze when we bought it 8 years ago! So, we took off the doors, still no go, there was a wheel that was getting caught up. Chris took out those bolts and could not get the wheel off! So, there it sits, still in the kitchen! The contractor is going to try and see if he can figure it out tomorrow. I talked to the appliance store today, all our appliances are in, so I told them of our problem! Our salesman was gone for the day, so he's calling us back tomorrow with more precise measurements of the new frig and how to fix our dilemma! If the contractor can't figure it out, we'll probably have the installers come and disassemble the old one first since the floor will be started sooner than we expected! Nothing ever happens quite how it's supposed to, does it??

On a neat note, while we were taking wheelbarrow loads of tile and debris out to the trailer on Saturday, we got to meet a previous owner of our house! Chris called in for me to come outside and there was a lady standing there. She owned the house 2 owners ago. She told us how they loved it and were sad to have to move, but her husband's job moved to NJ, but her mother lives a street behind us. They had 4 kids in the house. She told us of past owners too. It was once a parrish house. An owner of a wallpaper store lived here, which probably explains the wallpapered closets! I'm thankful we didn't have more wallpaper than we did have in here! The original owner was very wealthy, which we assumed would be, we knew the houses in our neighborhood were wealthy, upscale homes back in the 1950's. We talked for a bit and she loved what we've done to the outside. She was nice, we told her to come back in a few months when we're all finished and we'll give her a tour of the inside too, when it is not all ripped up!!

Did you ever watch the show "If Walls Could Talk"? It's on HGTV and is about hidden treasures that owners found in their houses. I was hoping we'd find something really cool, but my only treasure was a wheat penny!

Hope everyone's having a great week!! Hopefully I can get back to scrapping soon!

I will update with new pics probably tomorrow!!


Patrice~ said...

did you get a pic of the prior owner? what a great LO that could make - rather a history of your house as told through you and scraps of old wallpaper.
think about it.
you can do this.

Marlene said...

Can't wait to see the new remodeled kitchen!

donnapiranha said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see the updated photos. A good kitchen is a wonderful thing to have.

Sarah C. said...

How cool to meet a former owner and learn a bit of history on your house! I told DH our next home will be an older house w/ a story to tell. :D Love our little home for now, but we're the first owners so no magical stories and no uniqueness (darn cookie cutter houses).

Hope things are going smoothly with the rest of the demo! Reading your blog now is like watching that Spice Up Your Kitchen show. :)

merrymstamper said...

wow...Rachael you have been very busy! The finished product will be very well worth it!

I cannot wait to see it:)

micayla said...

HOOORAY!!! I bet you are so excited!

Andrea said...

I LOVE the before pics because it will help you remember what it was like, and it will show you what a drastic chance the new kitchen will bring. That is SO COOL that you met a former owner. We built our home so that will never happen......I have always wanted to move into a house with an old attic that someone forgot about so I could discover a bunch of cool treasures!!!