Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Whole Week!

Sheesh! I haven't updated in a week!!

Just been doing my thing. Chris comes home today from his guy weekend. He went to Railfest 2007 with his brother and 2 friends. I have been alone in my house with my 2 children since Thursday evening!! Needless to say, I am SO ready for him to be home!! The daytime is okay but bedtime is rough by myself, especially when Jack decides he's not ready for bed! My GURLZ came over on Friday night to keep me company. We, of course, laughed, ate, ate, laughed, ate, ate, drank strawberry margaritas and Coronas, played a little game and talked scrap for several hours! Lots of fun!!

I had to take Jack to the pediatrician on Thursday, his breathing was super tight. I knew he needed an aerosol treatment. They got us in within 40 minutes of calling. Sure enough, he had audible wheezes so they gave him an aerosol which helped a bunch. It seems as though I have passed my asthma gene onto him. I had childhood asthma as well. I'm just praying that he outgrows his like I did. I wasn't this young when I developed it though. Friday he went for a chest xray. So, he is on aerosols every 6 hours, which he hates!! I haven't been able to get him to take any since yesterday morning. Daddy is going to hopefully work some magic when he gets home!

It seems as if bad luck happens when you are at home by yourself. I was sitting in the kitchen on Friday night and our roof started to leak again! ACK! We had a great roofer out a few months ago and thought he got the problem. Apparently that was not the problem! So, now we will need a whole new roof! Since we have no idea how long this leaking has been going on, we will probably end up ripping our kitchen out and getting a remodel! It's funny, I was just talking to my mom about refacing our cabinets! As much as I don't like the thought of spending all that money, I'm excited about it!! I never really cared for our kitchen. It is all white and is hard to keep clean, not to mention the lack of cabinets and the horrible countertop that absorbs every single thing that is spilled on it! Thank goodness for Clorox Clean Up.

I've been thinking about just going all out with the home improvements. We need new windows badly. We weren't going to put them in since we were thinking of moving within the next year or so, but if we have to remodel the kitchen and put on a new roof, I think we'll stay for at least another 5 years! So, why not get new windows and new siding while we're at it?! It'll be fun, right? It'll cut in to the [non existant] scrapping budget though! LOL

Speaking of scrapping, I LOVE my new Cricut Expression!! It's so fun and there are SO many possibilities! I played around with it for about an hour the other night, just cutting some fun things out!

Here are a few random layouts.
Macy and Jack goofing off. She created these silly glasses out of pipe cleaners!

Some bike adventure pictures. Sorry for this bad pic!

The little monster!

Have a great week!! Hopefully I'll update more often this week!


Scrapbook Princess said...

I love the LO you did!!!

Poor Jack, I hope he feels better... nothing worse then your little ones not feeling well.

Macy is just too cute with the glasses!

Gl with the kitchen, we redid ours 5 yrs ago, and I loved it!! (Still do heeh)

Trish said...

Your LO's are awesome!

Macy is so creative and Jack is just to cute!

I hope you get your kitchen remodel! Nothing is better then a new room to make your old house feel new again!

Mimi said...

Love the LO's!

Had so much fun on Friday, my stomach still hurts from laughing and I think I am still tipsy from the drinks! LOL

Hope Jack fells better.

Have fun with the remodel!

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

lots of fun creative things going on here, thanks for sharing

jadadog said...

Fun times I'm sure! Great LOs! No changing your mind now, which LOs to use for certain contests!

Is Jack feeling better!

edith turk said...

sorry to hear jack's having asthma troubles-- I know it is such a bummer as I have asthma, too!! Love the layouts!! I am happy to hear you are liking your new Cricut Expressions--show us some more stuff! :D

Scrappygirl said...

Rachel, You layouts are awsome!!!
My boys have asthma too! I think more kids are getting it because of all the air pollution nowadays. Just a theory! I hope he feels better.

shelly b said...

great LO's. when my hubs is gone, something always happens!!

Renee said...

These are really great layouts. Love them.

Rollie said...

that is so great to have great friends, speically in times of need for a good laugh!
good luck w/ home improvements.

micayla said...

Wow those layouts are too cute, I love them!!

Kristi Smith said...

Great layouts!!! You are smokin'!

Whatever money you put into your house make sure you can get it out of it!!! We did a lot of improvements on the first home we owned but didn't make anything off of it when we sold it, pretty much broke even. Too bad though about the roof. We just had this house built a little over a year ago and there are nails and screws coming out of the wood in the ceiling. So frustrating. I hope we didn't build the money pit!!!

Hope Jack gets better. That has to be a worry.


Melonie said...

Poor Jack. My son has asthma too and I know how scary it can be. LOVE all 3 LO's! SO bright and fun! Macy and Jack are too cute! Good luck with the remodel.

Karen said...

GREAT Pages! Love the bright colors