Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy 33rd Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my hubby!!! Yep, he's 33 years old today!! To celebrate, he went to work! haha! He got his big present on Father's Day, his upgraded handheld GPS, so today wasn't very exciting! The kids sang happy birthday to him and he got one of Macy's famous cards!

I finally caved today and bought the kids some Floam. Macy has only been bugging for it for probably 2 years, when we first started seeing the commmercials on tv! I just couldn't stand the thought of paying $7 for styrofoam balls in glob! One of my favorite little craft stores is going out of business and they are currently at least 30% off of everything, so I broke down today! I think it was $4.49. They are playing with it now and having a blast so I looked up a knock off recipe for it and will probably make some, as long as I can find the polystyrene beads!

Speaking of that little craft store, I am so sad! I love that place! They have great prices and cool fabrics! The scrapbook section wasn't the greatest, but I could always find something to buy. I am definately sad to see The Rag Shop go. Their space sure would make a great LSS though! Any takers?

Here are my other projects for ILove2Create's July kit featuring the Rouge de Garance Limited Edition papers!! The technique was office supplies. Fun Stuff!! They are also looking for the next guest designer for August!! You can check out the message board for details!

This is a little mini album that I made using a CD Mailer. I'm going to use it for summer day trips!


Trish said...

Happy Birthday to Chris! Matt is going to call him tomorrow.

I love The Rag Shop. It was the only craft store we had in Brooklyn when I was growing up.

I can't wait to get that kit in my hands!

One cool chick said...

hi! i'm susan. thanks ofr visiting my blog! i hope to see u more often, cuz your page is "like totally hot". that was soo in my paris


Christyne said...

Hi Rachel! You posted on my blog (the post about bird shit), so I had to come over and check yours out!

Read your profile and figured it HAD to be fate! For me to stumble upon a critical care nurse specializing in open heart surgery...WOW!

Can you PLEASE e-mail me? My son is going in for his third surgery this August and I would LOVE to chat with you!


Maureen said...

Cool projects! Love the card and mini-album. Yeah, it sucks when a favorite store closes....hopefully something great will take it's place!

Lemon Cupcakes said...

HI Rachel!

I haven't given into Floam just yet, but we do have moonsand. It's pretty cool.

Scrapbook Princess said...

You brave woman... I totally skip the floam displays in the stores hehe :)

Love your pages :) I love the stick one hehehe made me smile all day :)

Kimberly said...

happy birthday chris!!

love your bright!

i know i've been tagged. i'm bad...bad...bad bad! just been a little busy.

just wanted to say hi! now i'm off to tuck the boys in!

Nat said...

Love what you did with the RdG. wonderful layout!

Mimi said...

Great LO's as usual!

Hope Chris had a great Birthday!

Both the boys love Floam too! I with you.

Renee said...

I love your projects, especially the CD mailer. Do you have a pattern for it. Great work.

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!
That CD mailer is so cool.

melissa said...

happy b-day to your hubby!!
wonderful projects too-love the colors :)

toners said...

Happy Birthday to your DH! And beautiful work on the CD mini album :)

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to your DH! Ahhhh... the memories. My kids loved that floam stuff when they were younger.
Just love your layout and mini-album. Great colors and embellies.

Cindy Tobey said...

My kids have been begging me for Floam too! :) Love the layout, cards and mini album. Awesome designs!

Eminepala said...

Happy birthday to your hubby ;)

Love what you created... REALLY COOL


Nutmeg said...

Hey, unzip one of those old bean bag chairs or some cheapy stuffed animals to get yourself those polystyrene balls!! I have had a couple of those things break open on me and they are so hard to clean up, keep some anti-static spray handy!! Have fun!!

Silvitanova said...

Happy B-day to your hubby!
Love your projects, That page made me smile to!

Anilu Magloire said...

Happy b-day to hubby!!! The LOs and cards are gorgeous. Love them!!

shelly b said...

love them all!!!

Kristi Smith said...

Hey, I know one cool chick! Funny when you see someone that used to come visit your blog on somebody elses blog. LOL! I feel so unloved at the moment!=)

Happy Belated Birthday Chris!

You are rockin' your projects and layouts lately woman!!!

I could have gave you some Floam, Cole had to have it once and I think he just looked at it. WASTE OF MONEY!!! That stuff is expensive. Glad your kids are playing with it!!!

Hope you had a good 4th!