Sunday, October 4, 2009


I've been bad with my blogging lately, I know!!

Guess I'll start off with the wedding. As I said before, my last best friend from college got married last weekend. It was wonderful having the four of us back together again!! We are going to try our darnedest to have an annual girl outing!!

The wedding was all hunting/fishing themed. Where Misty got all of the stuff for it, I don't know. We're talking about:
an antler with a bullet pen attached to it for the guest book
a silver antler unity candle holder
a camoflage garter
a camoflage rehearsal dinner cake
a special candy bar for the kids at the reception with gummy bears, worms and swedish fish
mannequins dressed up in wedding attire and camo
a deer couple cake topper
beautiful brown/orange camo wedding cake
fish mugs and plates for favors
empty shotgun shells filled with Reece's Pieces for favors

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot too!! It was all really well put together and just shouted Misty and Ron!! The reception was held outdoors at a pavilion by a river too. Really beautiful setting! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of those things as I was too busy with the other wedding preparations.

Here are a few pictures. Luckily Chris got a few of the ceremony.
The new Mr. and Mrs.

Me and my groomsman. Don't know his name! lol

Here are some others:

Macy was the hit of the dance floor with all of her smooth dance moves!! She did the Thriller dance too!

Here is the view from the pavilion.

When the girls and I get together, we have this standard picture we always take. I'm not real sure how it ever got started but it seems each time we take one, we are all a little bit wider! The bench was so narrow they had to hold on to me really tightly!

Love these girls so much!!

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