Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fastnacht Day!!!

It only comes once a year! I made a batch of my Grandmom's famous fastnachts last night!! I've been making them every year since she died. I know she's smiling down on me when I make them!!

Now, today's task is to try and get as many as I can out of this house because "Fat Tuesday" is really ringing true for me!! Blech!!

Here's a pic of them with my Kitchenaid, who made a full batch possible this year!! I get so much use out of this!! I'm constantly making breads and all kinds of delicious foods with it!

While we're talking baking, here are some pictures of the kids from a few weeks ago. They love to bake, so we try to do it a few times a month. This time was making soft pretzels. So yummy!

Have a great day and try not to eat too many fastnachts!!


Cassie said...

Fastnachts look fabulous!! My mom has a Kitchen Aid and swears it is the best thing ever. It would be one more thing I would have to dust, lol. I don't really like to cook...but I LOVE to eat!!! I love that you involve your kids in baking! My kids feel so special when they help!
Love your blog!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

oh those look so yummy Rachel!

psucolleen said...

I *heart* my kitchenaid! Glad you had fun making the fastnachts.... if I was able to get to your house quickly, you would have found me on your doorstep begging for one this morning!

And those pretzels look terrific, too! I'd love your recipe if you're inclined to give it out. :)

quiltingnana said...

those look yummy...and definitely not on my diet!!

Angel said...

how many is too many ? yes,
Fat Tuesday it is !

Kimberly said...

yum. to all of it!

scrappermimi said...

Yum, Yum, Yum! Mary and Tracy will be lucky to get theirs, he he he!

Lyn said...

they look delicious! i enjoyed three last week! gotta love berks county!