Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A few weeks ago, me and three of my most favorite friends got together for our October birthday celebrations. My friend Mary and I both have October birthdays.

We went to Fancy That Scrapbook store in Hummelstown, PA, had lunch at The Wick and stopped at the Fractured Prune and picked up some of the most delicious donuts on the way home.

We always have such a wonderful time together. We made sure to set our next date already since we are always having a hard time coordinating schedules anymore!

I'd like to share the card I got from them. If only you could do this! It's totally us!

Mary's card had a picture of a lady in a lingerie store. The lady was holding a fancy bra and was saying "do you have this in a 34 LONG"! Ha!

Soooo, Twilight hits the theatres on Friday!! I'm going with a bunch of friends! I'm hoping they will not disown me when I show up with my TEAM JACOB shirt on!! They are all for Edward! I loved him in the first book, but after that, I just couldn't stand how possessive he is! Anyone else on TEAM JACOB? They seem to be rare!

I've finally uploaded the pics from our last camping trip of the season! I just need to go through them and I'll post them in a few days!!

Shockingly, I also have a half completed layout sitting on my desk now! AND, I am actually really liking it! Perhaps I'll have some artwork to share next time!

Have a great rest of the week!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year we decided that we'd throw our own costumes together instead of spending $100 plus on store bought ones! That was so much nicer!!

Macy decided she wanted to be a witch - perfect! Jack wanted to be a train engineer, then decided a few hours beforehand that he wanted to be a banana! Well, it was too late to rig up some kind of banana costume, so we stuck with the engineer!

Macy had the usual school Halloween parade. There were a ton of witches this year! I went in to help out with her 1st grade party after I dropped Jack off at school. Let me just say that I am SO glad I do not have to do that everyday!! I stayed and ate lunch with Macy. We had the choice of eating in the hall at a special table or eating in the caf with the rest of the kids. She wanted me to sit in the caf. Oh. My. Goodness! Can you say loud??? Wow! I was glad to get out of there!! They have a traffic light in there. It's on green when the noise level is acceptable. They move it to yellow when it gets louder and all the kids put their hands up to hopefully make silence. Well, it got to yellow while I was there and I don't even want to know what red sounds like!! Here she is in the parade.

Here they both are, in separate pictures. Apparently it is just wrong for them to be in a picture together without one trying to beat up the other!

I totally forgot to put on Jack's red bandana! Chris was working until 7pm that night. If he was home, I know it wouldn't have been forgotten!

Here is our jack-o-lantern. We actually had another to carve but we ran out of time! Nothing fancy! We do it the old fashioned way like we did when I was a kid - with a paring knife!

Hope everyone had a fun night!! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

No scrapbooking!

I have no scrapbooking projects to do!! Still have no motivation for that! We've been having fun with our new camper still, so that has been occupying our time!

Last weekend we went to Elk Neck State Park in Maryland. We went with another couple. What a beautiful place! It is on a penninsula at the top of the Chesapeake Bay.

We had some heavy rains Saturday afternoon and through the night, but other than that it was beautiful.

Friday we went into town, North East, Md. It's such a cute little town that I wish we would've had a longer time to explore. It reminded me a bit of Jim Thorpe or Cape May. We ate at a cute crab place called Woody's.

Saturday, we got up and went for a hike to the Turkey Point lighthouse. It's a cute lighthouse, I think it's a 37 foot climb to the top. It's not your usual tall lighthouse. The kids got a kick out of climbing to the top!

Saturday afternoon and evening we stayed in and did crafts. The electric to the campground went out for about 5 hours. Yay for battery backup!

Sunday we went and explored the penninsula. We saw a ton of sailboats, a huge barge and a boat that looked like it could've been from Goonies! The kids enjoyed walking along the coastline and finding shells and old bones, climbing the rocks and getting through some six inches of seaweed!!

We'd love to go back and visit again for a longer period of time so we can explore more!!

Here are some pics. Click on them to make them bigger!
The captain and his ship:

On the way home, we stopped and got gas for $2.29!!! Then, we went down the road and spotted it for $2.17! I was happy when I got it at BJ's for $2.69 a few days before! It was still $2.55 when we got home!

There were also a ton of these signs on the way there!

We're heading out on Friday again for our last trip of the season!! Can't wait!!

I'll update in a few days with our Halloween pictures!