Sunday, November 2, 2008

No scrapbooking!

I have no scrapbooking projects to do!! Still have no motivation for that! We've been having fun with our new camper still, so that has been occupying our time!

Last weekend we went to Elk Neck State Park in Maryland. We went with another couple. What a beautiful place! It is on a penninsula at the top of the Chesapeake Bay.

We had some heavy rains Saturday afternoon and through the night, but other than that it was beautiful.

Friday we went into town, North East, Md. It's such a cute little town that I wish we would've had a longer time to explore. It reminded me a bit of Jim Thorpe or Cape May. We ate at a cute crab place called Woody's.

Saturday, we got up and went for a hike to the Turkey Point lighthouse. It's a cute lighthouse, I think it's a 37 foot climb to the top. It's not your usual tall lighthouse. The kids got a kick out of climbing to the top!

Saturday afternoon and evening we stayed in and did crafts. The electric to the campground went out for about 5 hours. Yay for battery backup!

Sunday we went and explored the penninsula. We saw a ton of sailboats, a huge barge and a boat that looked like it could've been from Goonies! The kids enjoyed walking along the coastline and finding shells and old bones, climbing the rocks and getting through some six inches of seaweed!!

We'd love to go back and visit again for a longer period of time so we can explore more!!

Here are some pics. Click on them to make them bigger!
The captain and his ship:

On the way home, we stopped and got gas for $2.29!!! Then, we went down the road and spotted it for $2.17! I was happy when I got it at BJ's for $2.69 a few days before! It was still $2.55 when we got home!

There were also a ton of these signs on the way there!

We're heading out on Friday again for our last trip of the season!! Can't wait!!

I'll update in a few days with our Halloween pictures!


Anonymous said... you made me want to go!! that is one of my favorite campgrounds!! and i forgot to tell you about woody's-so glad you found it!!!


Robin said...

Great pictures Rachel!!
I read this great statement not to long ago: "Always spend more time making memories than preserving them."

stacy said...

Love how you set out to visit new places on the weekend. I did that as a kids and have so many happy memories.

Angel said...

Thanks for sharing ! I always love to check out places you visit! You are a great resource for me ! YES, post Halloween pics soon! I bet your kids were adorable ! Can't wait to see what they were ( dressed as) ! Have great Week !

Marlene said...

Great pics! WOW...your hair is getting LONG!

Melanie said...

If you're not scrapbooking, at least you're living life and enjoying yourself! Looks fun! :)

merrymstamper said...

great pictures Rach...Iam sure you will rock the layouts from your pictures! can't wait to see! pressure, really. :)

Andrea said...

Man are those some great pictures!!! Looks like you had a blast (as usual)! Can you believe how low gas is getting.....I love filling up for $40 again!!! LOL

scrappermimi said...

Another fun camping weekend! Such great pics! We need to get together to scrap...I am sure we can find inspiration with chocolate and some Hairspray, lol!

Carla said...

WOW....looks like you guys had a great time....awesome pics. Enjoy your last trip of the season!