Monday, March 24, 2008

Coming to a close!

Easter break is coming to an end!! Tomorrow morning is back to the grind!! 7:15 sure is going to be tough considering we've been getting up at 10 and 11am the last six days!

What fun we had though!!

We painted eggs:

We had real bad winds here again. This time it managed to rip off the lattice trellis we have around our back patio. So, we'll have to replace that as soon as it warms up so my multiple clematis have a place to grow up!

Daddy gave Jack a buzz after the Macy beauty parlor incident! Now the two of them look exactly alike! Forgive the horrible pic!

We hung out with some of the mlpa gals and their kids:

Upon arriving home from Mr. B's, this was sitting in the driveway!

Chris went and picked it up while we were gone!! Here are the twins enjoying the interior! Jack brought out his toy level and tools to help Daddy get it set up!

Then, of course, yesterday was Easter!! Jack woke up at 7:15 and went downstairs and found Macy's basket, she heard that and had a breakdown, so I had to re-hide it! We went to Grammy and Pappy's for Easter dinner and the kids did an egg hunt there.

Jack now has a respiratory thing going on with a low grade fever. Poor guy, he slept most of today. Looks like he'll probably be missing school tomorrow.

We got word that our kitchen remodel is starting next Wednesday as long as there are no problems!! Our cabinet guy is working on putting the cocoa glaze on our cabinets right now!!! We now need to get our ceramic tile smashed out of there by Wednesday, we'll probably work on that this weekend during the day. I'll work on getting everything out of the cabinets this week! We have to go buy the new lighting, faucet and garbage disposal! Appliance shopping must be done too!! Woohoo!! Very exciting!

I managed to get one layout done during break too. I just LOVE the new Daisy D Wonder Years line!! It's so me, nice and bright!!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great week!!


Nicole Carro said...

Love the papers in that layout. Glad you guys enjoyed your break - Macy is looking more and more like you these days!

Sharmaine said...

Gorgeous page Rachael!
Hope the morning isn't too much of a shock ;)
was excited to see a photo of the caravan!!

Maggie said...

don't u luv it when u r able to sneak in some scrapping!
Have a great day.

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful spring break! Your layout looks great!

Trish said...

Great LO!

Hope Jack feels better soon!

Good Luck with the kitchen! Our guest bath is almost finished and Matt will demo the master bath the first weekend in April.

It is so exciting getting rooms redone!

Kimberly said...

i LOVE the LO!!
and omg....jack and chris ARE twins with buzz cuts! lol...i love it!! i can't believe macy gave him a hair cut. lol... just like alexander cutting his own hair!!!

happy camping too. nice you won't be sleeping on the ground anymore!

Lea L. said...

Look at those cute photos, and that cute layout!

I did get my new Sass in the mail much cuter in person! I can't wait to play with some of it tonight!


NancyJones said...

ohh i just lvoe that no fear page that wonder years paper is sooo cuteee!

quiltingnana said...

love the picture of buzz cuts picture on your guys!!

So glad you had some fun times.

your layout is great...they always are!

merrymstamper said... have been busy, sounds like it was fun! Love the pictures of the kids...they are cute in their Easter outfits...


Great pictures and great layouts..looks like your time was well spent!! Woohoo

Aline said...

Gorgeosu layout and photos!
Glad to hear you had a great Easter. :)

Patrice~ said...

love Jack's new buzz - I think he looks rather distinguished (and he and his dad are mirror images of each other!!)

pretty pretty papers and pretty pretty children = marvelous LO's.

always enjoy your creations, Rachael!! tfs!!

Benita said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Can't wait to see your kitchen remodel :)

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh.....your pop-up is RAD!!!!!

I love it!!!!!

I can't let Ron see it....he wants one really bad and we don't have the cash for it right now. Maybe one day.....


Heather said...

Cute, cute layouts! Love the no fear one. And the buzz cuts are adorable! Have fun with that camper. I'd love to have one but my husband would never do it. We HAVE to camp in a tent!

micayla said...

Love the new cutes, sooo cute!
Sorry the weather has been bad.We finally had some snow which lasted all of about 4 hours but I had some fun with Steve and the dog!
Love the new pics and layouts of course!

Cindy Tobey said...

Glad you had a nice Easter! I love your layout!

Stacey Michaud said...

Wonderful photos and I love that layout!

~ Amy W ~ said...

Wow, do you ever have a TON of stuff going on! You make me exhausted just reading it! LOL! What gets me is you managed a LO on top of all that! WTG!

Anabelle said...

Love all of your photos. The one of DS and DH is so cute. I think my son had the same easter outfit as your's! GORGEOUS layout. What a fun mix of goodies!

Scrapbook Princess said...

How is everyone feeling? I love the new buzz!!