Monday, October 1, 2007

Sniff, sniff

Yes, that was me last night while watching the season finale of Rock of Love!! I was so happy to see that skanky butt Heather gone!! How nasty!! Ewww!!

I teared up with Jes and the diabetes scene.

I teared up at the end when Bret picked Jes.

I teared up after I went searching around the internet to find out that the whole thing was like a total set up and they aren't even together!!

How could I be so lame!! LOL I really thought they seemed perfect for each other!! If that was acting, dang they are good!

I am still looking forward to next week's reunion show to find out some more juicy details!

Yeah, I nixxed the Desperate Housewives season premiere to watch Rock of Love! Ha! I flipped a bit in between commercials and I know I can catch up if I decide to start watching again.

I heard, in my searchings for dirt last night, that Tommy Lee is the next Rock of Love guy. Goodness these guys get around!!

Any other watchers? Tell me your thoughts!!

I have yet to download the wedding pics from my camera. I really didn't get many, and what I did get, I'm sure they aren't very good. I don't even think I got a picture of Amy and Brian!

I did do a layout last night too, but haven't scanned it yet, but since I hate to post without pictures, here are my projects for the ILove2Create October kit featuring Friendly Plastic as the technique and American Crafts papers!


micayla said...

I saw something on another blog about this jes and i wondered who the heck she was! At least now I know!!!
Loving the layouts, you have been busy gilrie!

Kimberly said...

oh....awesome awesome LOs!!!! some of my faves of yours!

sorry about rock of a let down, huh? to find out it's all staged?? rescue me still on? i love that show but can never find it. if it's still on, when????? i must watch it!

scrappermimi said...

That min album made from Switch plates and friendly plastic rocks!

Kimberly said...

where are you to entertain me with your wit?

twinsand2boys said...

I only watched a little bit of rock of love...figures they stage it...HMMM...Tommy Lee huh? When is that one supposed to start?

Andrea Amu said...

What? Rock of Love was staged? No friggin'way! I was totally caught up in that show too and was so glad he chose Jes! What a bummer that they aren't really together (as I hold a big ol' "L" sign over my forehead)!

You are one scrappin' queen. You amaze me with all the way cool layouts you crank out!

Kristi Smith said...

I hadn't heard it was staged, but I did watch it and the reunion. I thought the reunion show was good. Poor Bret standing up there by himself at the end, I usually am a crier, but personally I thought it was a little funny. I am sad, I am watching Most Smartest Model and I Love New York 2 now, and I even have watched that smutty Tila Tequila show.

Kristi Smith said...

Cute layouts too!