Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's done!!!!!

I am done reorganizing my scraproom!!!! I love it!!! It is so inspiring in there now!! So clean!! I have moved things around so now my main desk space has so much more room!! Although, I will probably still end up working in a 6x6 inch space, that always seems to happen when I'm creating!! All sorts of stuff gets piled up on my desk and cuts into the work area! I think the room is about 15 feet x 15 feet.

So, here it is!!! The pics aren't that great because of the sun that comes in.

The view when you walk into the room. On the wall to the right, that you can't see, that is where my Expedit is.

More of the main desk area. I store my large files full of patterned paper under my desk. There are also extra ink pads and background stamps down there. I'm probably going to go back to Ikea and get the railing system to hang above my desk, to hang little pots of trims and buttons in. That will free up even more desk space!

Here's the kid area. That is their storage tower there. I have black tray tables that they pull out and set up when they want to do some crafting! I'm going to get a bunch of black frames to put pics in above the futon.

You also see my Cricut station there. I wanted the Ikea Sonne cart for this, but it was discontinued. I came across this corner tv stand at Walmart and I love it even more and it's black!! The Sonne was white!

More storage area, besides all the storage bins under the desks. I could easily use another Expedit, but it wouldn't fit!! I stuck an old dresser in the closet. It houses cardmaking supplies, Sizzix dies, completed projects and so much more! I had to keep the Scrapworks BayBox albums in there, they don't fit in the Expedit. I have more completed albums in my bedroom that I need to remember to bring down into there! I need to reorganize the shelf in that closet again! It's looking a little messy!

There is also a closet to the left when I walk in the door. It's a disaster in there right now! I need to clean that out and will store some more stuff in there!!

Thanks for looking!! Have a great weekend, we don't have many plans here!! A nice relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Awful blogger!!!

Ugh, I have been a horrible blogger!!

What have I been up to lately? Not too much!! We've started going to the gym several times a week, either just the two of us or as a family. It's been fun! I think I can finally say that Jack has outgrown his separation anxiety! He begged to go with me to the gym today, to play in their kid area! So, I gave in, a little worried, and he was wonderful!!

My friend, Tracy asked me if I could take some pictures of her and her family for their Christmas cards. So, on Sunday, the kids and I went to do that. We stopped at Daniel Boone Homestead first but they were closed because of it being Veteran's Day, so we hit our local park instead! Little did we know that the area we spent at least an hour in was private property. We got the hint when they sent 2 dogs out after us! LOL Nice dogs, at least!! I took 518 pictures!! All on AV priority mode!! Go me!!! We got some good ones! I can't take credit for the posing, Tracy did that, but all the camera settings were mine!!

Yesterday, she sent me some of her favorites, so I picked my fave and scrapped it! It was nice inspiration to scrap something or someone that I don't normally scrap!! Change is good!

She has such a photogenic family, doesn't she? Very patient too!

I did this one for my LSS as well. It's not my favorite, but the mojo was seriously lacking at that point!

And, I just did this one tonight. That cool circle felt trim is from the new Creative Cafe from Creative Imaginations! Fab stuff!
My layouts tend to be left sided dominant lately! LOL

Thanks for reading!! I've got a lot of catching up to do with my blog hopping!! I am seriously behind!! Hopefully I can do that within the next few days!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

PageMaps and ILove2Create

Good Monday morning!! Did last week just fly by or what??

I've got lots 'o stuff to share this morning!!

First, I was asked to do a sketch interp for the PageMaps November sketches. I had a lot of fun doing it!! I just love this picture!!

The ILove2Create November kit features Websters Pages and velour!! What a fun technique!! The velour comes in sheets that you can run through your printer or do so much more with it!! I printed on it, put it through my Expression, embossed it with my iron, spritzed it with Radiant Rains, and stamped on it!! So much fun!! I'm definately going to need more!! It adds such a great touch!! Check out the website for more info!!
This first layout is actually my first sort of "hybrid" layout. The large scalloped circle is from the 2 Peas October Orange kit by Jennifer Pebbles. That kit is awesome!! I think I'm going to be using it some more!! It's so me!!

Here are a few other creations!

Thanks for taking a peek at them!!

So, we finally got all the model train stuff moved out of my scraproom!! Woot!! I rearranged a bit and am now going through my IKEA catalog to pick out what else I need from there!! I think we may try to head there on Friday!! Yay!! I can't wait for it to be all finished!!

Have a great week, friends!! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween pictures!!

I'm finally getting around to posting the kids Halloween pictures!!

Macy had a parade at school on Wednesday. Jack and I went to watch her. It was so cute seeing all the kids dressed up!

Macy went home with a friend that day, they had early dismissal, and Jack had a little friend over to play! Notice that they both have their Crocs on the wrong feet!

Halloween night we went trick or treating with the neighbors. Jack and I stopped a little sooner than the rest because his little legs were getting tired! Macy continued on with the neighbors!

I could not get a pic of the 2 of them together! Macy was Minnie Mouse and Jack was Woody from Toy Story. I guess he is being a tough sheriff!!

They had a great time!! I was so glad that Jack had preschool the following day!! I forgot to put the candy up high Halloween night, so Jack got up early and got into it and had a bunch of candy for breakfast!! I feel so bad for the teachers that day!!

Have a great weekend!! Not much planned here! I will post some new layouts on my next post!